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From: "Ellen Stanton" <>
Subject: Matrimonial Court Minutes and Special Marriage Licenses: 1821-1884 #5
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 17:46:40 -0000

Greetings to All,

This is a partial transcription of a film from the Family History Center, entitled "Matrimonial Court Minutes and Special Marriage Licenses: 1821 - 1884. I went through the entire film, but I omitted most of the Dutch names and the natives as I assume that most of the people on this list are looking for British and UK names. Many of these entries were difficult to read, being entirely hand-written. Where I wasn't sure, I have put a question mark after the name. Where no age was given for the parties, I wrote Full if they were of legal age, and Minor, if below it. If there was no information given concerning their age, I simply left it blank. Please note that judging by the language on these documents, the dates given were not the actual wedding dates. The parties could not get married until the banns had been posted. As usual, dates follow American custom of MMDDYY.

Installment #5
Microfilm #1886513
Matrimonial Court Minutes and Special Marriage Licenses: 1821 - 1884
Albany/Grahamstown, Cape Province, South Africa
Item 7

Entry #183 (my numbers)
Husband: Thomas L. (or S.) FLOOD, 29, Protestant, London
Wife: Mary Ann HOCKLEY, No age given, Protestant, London
Date: 4/5/1828

Entry #184
Husband: Michael HART, 29, Catholic, Ireland
Wife: Harriet MOGG, 18, Protestant, England
Date: 4/5/1828

Entry #185
Husband: John HOLT, 48, Protestant, England, Widower
Wife: Sarah BUCKLEY, 42, Protestant, England, Widow of John BUCKLEY, has been a widow since January, 1827, 7 children
Date: 4/19/1828

Entry #186
Husband: John George DE VILLIERS, 29, Protestant, "this Colony", Widower
Wife: Mary John BIGGAR, 24, Protestant, Scotland
Date: 4/23/1828

Entry #187
Husband: Francis THORNTON, 39, Protestant, Ireland, Sergeant in the Mounted Rifle Corps, Widower, Wife 7 years deceased
Wife: Maria Lilley WHITE, 27, Protestant, England
Date: 5/14/1828

Entry #188
Husband: John BATTISS, 23, Protestant, France
Wife: Sarah HARTLEY, 18, Protestant, England
Date: 5/12/1828

Entry #189
Husband: John HAYTER, 25, Protestant, England
Wife: Mary Ann TROLLOP, 16, Protestant, England
Date: 7/29/1828
Father, Joseph TROLLOP, gives consent

Entry #190
Husband: William DEVINE, 23, Catholic, Ireland
Father, James DEVINE, gives consent
Wife: Elizabeth MACDONALD, 15, Protestant, Scotland
"Peter ELLIER and his wife, Francis ELLIER, formerly widow of Donald MACDONALD also appeared and gave their consent"
Date: 8/2/1828

Entry #191
Husband: John BIGGS, 55, Protestant, England, Widower
Wife: Frances DIGHTON, 62, Protestant, England, Widow of the late George Howe
Date: 8/9/1828

Entry #192
Husband: Henry WATSON, 28, Protestant, Ireland
Wife: Mary ALLISON, 18, Protestant, England
Date: 9/27/1828

Entry #193
Husband: William CHADWICK, 25, Protestant, England
Wife: Elizabeth Mary Saunders BROWN, 19, Protestant, England
Date: 10/16/1828

Entry #194
Husband: William HARTLEY, 32, Protestant, England, Widower
Wife: Hannah BAKER, 21, Protestant, England
Witness, Benjamin KEETON, swears on oath that her father has given consent
Date: 10/25/1828

Entry #195
Husband: Peter Upton TRIPP, 38, Protestant, England
Wife: Frances Mary WHITE, 27, Protestant, England
Date: 11/24/1828

Entry #196
Husband: Thomas HARTLEY, 25, Protestant, England
Wife: Mary Ann KIDSON, 20, Protestant, England
Date: 12/13/1828

Entry #197
Husband: Isaac WIGGALL, 36, Protestant, England
Wife: Mary SAYERS, 30, Protestant, England
Date: 12/30/1828

Entry #198
Husband: Richard BLEE, 31, Protestant, England
Wife: Elizabeth MERRET, 28, Protestant, England
Date: 1/24/1829

Entry #199
Husband: George LEE, 22, Protestant, England
Wife: Ann TROTTER, 17, Protestant, England
Fathers, William LEE and William TROTTER, give consent
Date: 2/2/1829

Entry #200
Husband: William PIKE, 23, Protestant, England
Wife: Sophia USHER, 18, Protestant, England
Date: 2/2/1829
"on the part of the bride appeared William SIMPSON and his wife Anne SIMPSON, born USHER, and both declared that their Father, James USHER has consented to the marriage..."

Entry #201
Husband: Joshua CAYWOOD, 25, Protestant, England
Wife: Mary MANLEY, 18, Protestant, England
Date: 2/12/1829

Entry #202
Husband: John Todd JACKINS, 21, Protestant, England
Wife: Maria Elizabeth NORMAN, 18, Protestant, England
Mother, Elizabeth NORMAN, gives consent
Date: 2/16/1829

Entry #203
Husband: Benjamin KEETON, 28, Protestant, England
Wife: Anna ROBINSON, 35, Protestant, England, Widow of William FORD
Date: 2/23/1829
"The latter produced the will of her late husband dated 9 April, 1828 and registered at the Orphan Chamber on the 30th May, 1828 previous from which it appears that the whole of the Estate had been divided by the deceased to his children, appointing his wife the Executor of said Estate together with Son, Philip William Lucas as Executor."

Entry #204
Husband: John FENNIN, 36, Catholic, Ireland, Farrier in the Cape Mounted Rifle Corps, Widower, no children
Wife: Mary COLEDITCH, 49, Protestant, England, Widow of Timothy Flannegan
Date: 3/4/1829

Entry #205
Husband: Thomas Charles ROBINSON, 23, Protestant, England
Wife: Amelia TALBOT, 19, Protestant, England
Father, John TALBOT, gives consent
Date: 3/18/1829

Entry #206
Husband: Thomas JENKINS, 25, Protestant, England
Wife: Mary WHITE, 20, Protestant, England
Father, James WHITE, gives consent
Date: 3/25/1829

Entry #207
Husband: William WAKEFORD, 22, Protestant, England
Wife: Mary Ann KEEN, 16, Protestant, England
Date: 4/11/1829

Entry #208
Husband: Joseph Belton COOPER, 50 Catholic, Scotland, Widower, his former wife died in England
Wife: Rachel MALCOLM, 38, Protestant, England, Widow of Giles Willan of this district
Date: 4/18/1829

Entry #209
Husband: Joseph KING, Jr., 21, Protestant, England
Wife: Ann BRADLEY, 17, Protestant, England
Date: 4/23/1829

Entry #210
Husband: Alexander Brathwaite MORGAN, 30, Protestant, Scotland, Assistant Surgeon of H. M. 55th Regiment
Wife: Margaret GARDNER, 22, Protestant, Scotland
Guardian, Alexander HEDDLE, of Port Frances, gives consent
Date: 5/21/1829

Entry #211
Husband: James Dorrington LONG, 25, Protestant, England
Wife: Elizabeth Henward EMSLIE, 18, Protestant, England
Parents, Jeremiah LONG and Robert EMSLIE, give consent
Date: 5/26/1829

Entry #212
Husband: George WELLS, 26, Protestant, England
Wife: Jane Anne SLATER, 23, Protestant, "this Colony"
Date: 6/15/1829
"Miss SLATER produced a certificate from the Board of Orphan Masters of this Colony consenting to the above marriage."

Entry #213
Husband: Philip HOBBS, 34, Protestant, England, Widower
Wife: Jane RANDALL, 19, Protestant, England
Father, James RANDALL, gives consent
Date: 6/20/1829

Entry #214
Husband: Uriah DICKS, 21, Protestant, England, no parents or guardian
Wife: Johannah Susannah TORR, 17, Protestant, "this Colony"
"Produced consent of her Step-Father, John HICKMAN and mother, Sarah HICKMAN, formerly widow of Robert TORR."
Date: 6/20/1829

Entry #215
Husband: Charles TALBOT, 22, Protestant, England
Wife: Elizabeth MILLER, 18, Protestant, England
Date: 7/11/1829

Entry #216
Husband: John WALKER, 30, Protestant, England
Wife: Anne WAINWRIGHT, 29, Protestant, England
Date: 7/7/1829

Entry #217
Husband: John HILL, 28, Protestant, Scotland
Wife: Alice Jane EASTLAND, 16, Protestant, England
Date: 8/17/1829

Entry #218
Husband: William AYTON, 24, Protestant, England
Wife: Mary GILBERT, 23, Protestant, England
Date: 8/18/1829

Entry #219
Husband: Thomas BURBECK?, 24, Protestant, England, Corp. of the 55th Regiment
Wife: Elizabeth LIVERSAGE, 17, Protestant, England
Date: 8/22/1829
"Samuel PACKWOOD sworn, knows the parents of the Bride, and they consent to the proposed marriage"

Entry #220
Husband: Joseph RADFORD, 27 (or 21), Protestant
Wife: Jane PURSEL, 19, Protestant
Date: 8/31/1829

Entry #221
Husband: James COLLINGS, 25, Catholic
Wife: Isabella Elizabeth BESTER, 16, Protestant
Date: 9/1/1829

Entry #222
Husband: John KIRK, 26, Protestant, England, Sergeant in 55th Regiment
Wife: Mary Ann BROWN, 17, Protestant, England
Date: 9/8/1829

Entry #223
Husband: Thomas ROBSON, 25, Protestant
Wife: Jane WARD, 19, Protestant
Father, James WARD, gives consent
Date: 10/19/1829

Entry #224
Husband: Philip KING, 38, Protestant, England, Widower
Wife: Sally HANT, 30, Protestant, England, Widow of the late Thurston Whittle
Date: 11/13/1829

Entry #225
Husband: William GRAVETT, 26, Protestant
Wife: Charlotte PICKSTOCK, 20, Protestant
Date: 11/21/1829

Entry #226
Husband: Thomas LAING, 34, Protestant
Wife: Elizabeth Maria ARENDSE, 35, Protestant
Date: 11/28/1829

Entry #227
Husband: Edward TIMM, 23, Protestant, England
Wife: Selena FARR, 17, Protestant, England
Date: 12/12/1829

Entry #228
Husband: David HUME, 20, Presbyterian, Scotland
Wife: Margaret PIERIE, 22, Protestant, England
Date: 12/12/1829

Entry #229
Husband: Isaac DEADMAN, 20, Protestant
Wife: Jane FLINN, 18, Catholic
Date: 12/21/1829

Entry #230
Husband: George JAMES, 27, Protestant
Wife: Anna BUCKLEY, 18, Protestant
Date: 1/2/1830

Entry #231
Husband: Frederick LEE, 22, Protestant
Wife: Anne POTTES (or POTTER), 17, Protestant
Date: 1/7/1830

Entry #232
Husband: William GRAY, 28, Protestant, England
Wife: Elizabeth MARSDEN, 19, Protestant, England
Date: 1/28/1830

Entry #233
Husband: Jan NAUDE, 24, "this Colony"
Wife: Sarah STEVENS, 20, "this Colony"
Date: 1/28/1830

Entry #234
Husband: George FLOOKS, 28, Protestant, England
Wife: Anna GREEN, 19, Protestant, England
Date: 2/4/1830

Entry #235
Husband: William PHILLIPS, 25, Protestant, England
Wife: Elsje Jacoba FERREIRA, 21, Protestant, "this Colony"
Date: 4/1/1830

Entry #236
Husband: Joseph GODDLEY, 41, Protestant, England, Widower, no children, wife has been deceased Ten Months
Wife: Anne KEMP, 27, Protestant, England
Date: 4/29/1830

Entry #237
Husband: James CAWOOD, 30, Protestant, England
Wife: Elizabeth HARTLEY, 23, Protestant, England
Date: 5/17/1830

Entry #238
21st May, 1830
"At a meeting of the Matrimonial Court held this day,
A letter was read which was received by this Post from the Matrimonial Court in Cape Town requesting that this Court would cause the Banns of Marriage of William WRIGHT of Tipperary, Bachelor, and Adelaide Elizabeth FORD of Middlesex, Spinster, to be published in the Church at Grahamstown twice on Sunday the 28, May, in consequence of urgent reasons and once on the following Sunday. In reference to the 25th Section of the Regulation for Matrimonial Courts.
Resolved that a copy of these proceedings be forwarded to the Rev. W. CARLISLE with a request that he will take the necessary steps to accede to the wishes of the Parties."

Entry #239
Husband: John STOWE, 26, Protestant, England
Wife: Rebecca AMES, 20, Protestant, England
Date: 7/1/1830

Entry #240
Husband: John WHITE, 26, Protestant, England
Wife: Mary MALONEY, 28, Protestant, Ireland
Date: 7/1/1830

Entry #241
Husband: James WARREN, 28, Protestant, England
Wife: Elizabeth BAKER, 24, Protestant, England
Date: 7/8/1830

Entry #242
Husband: Richard LOVE, 34, Protestant, England
Wife: Mary MAUNCEY, 19, Protestant, England
Date: 7/15/1830

Entry #243
Husband: Jenkin LEWIS, 32, Protestant, England
Wife: Sarah BAKER, 20, Protestant, England
Date: 7/22/1830

Entry #244
Husband: Robert REYNOLDS, 40, Protestant, England
Wife: Martha PAGE, 37, Protestant, England, Widow of the late Robert Godfrey
"The Bride produced a will of her late husband made in this Colony conveying his property to her at his death and in the event of her death, to the children"
Date: 7/29/1830

That's all for this installment. Will start with Entry #245 on installment #6.


Ellen Stanton

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