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From: "Ellen Stanton" <>
Subject: [ZA-IB] Methodist Parish Records: Pilgrim's Rest #1
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 23:02:32 -0600

Greetings to All,

This is installment #1 of the Methodist Parish Records for Pilgrim's Rest, Transvaal, South Africa. Dates follow American convention of MMDDYY. Some of the handwriting was very difficult to decipher, so entries with a ? denote my best guess.

Microfilm# 1560871
Methodist Parish Records
Pilgrim's Rest Christenings: 1895-1928
Item 6

Entry #1 & 2 - Sample Entries

Entry #3
Child: Fanny Lucy CURRIE
Parents: William Henry and Mary Emily
Born: 3/6/1895
Baptized: 4/14/1895

Entry #4
Child: Hugh Bannink WILLSON
Parents: Ralph Herbert and Clara Maria
Born: 1/8/1892
Baptized: 5/25/1895

Entry #5
Child: Berendina Sarah WILLSON
Parents: Ralph Herbert and Clara Maria
Born: 1/28/1895
Baptized: 5/25/2895

Entry #6
Child: Ann Matilda MACNICOL
Parents: Angus and Harriet Hannah Elizabeth
Born: 12/12/1894
Baptized: 6/9/1895

Entry #7
Child: John Wesley Frost STEVENS
Parents: John Wesley Frost and Magdalena Petronella
Born: 9/22/1895
Baptized: 11/24/1895

Entry #8
Child: Alfred Henry SWAN
Parents: William and Carolina Eliza
Born: 8/29/1895
Baptized: 12/21/1895

Entry #9
Child: Mary Nash Frost VAN LELYVELD
Parents: Philip Frost and Alice Maria
Born: 2/11/1896
Baptized: 4/12/1896

Entry #10
Child: Joshua MEYER
Parents: Dietloph Jacobus and Hendrina Wilhelmina
Born: 4/4/1895
Baptized: 4/26/1896

Entry #11
Child: Ruby Daisy Walkinshaw FROST
Parents: Cornelius and Martha Katrina
Born: 6/7/1896
Baptized: 7/12/1896

Entry #12
Child: Alexander David DODDS
Parents: Alexander and Elizabeth Crolan
Born: 8/5/1894
Baptized: 9/13/1896

Entry #13
Child: Mabel VAUGHAN
Parents: William Rhys and Ellen Louisa
Born: 11/24/1896
Baptized: 12/13/1896

Entry #14
Child: Elizabeth Agnes DODDS
Parents: Alexander and Elizabeth Crolan
Born: 11/16/1896
Baptized: 12/20/1896

Entry #15
Child: Annie Margaret UMPLEBY
Parents: John William and Sarah Jane
Born: 4/16/1896
Baptized: 12/21/1896

Entry #16
Child: Angus Campbell MACNICOL
Parents: Angus and Harriet Hannah Elizabeth
Born: 4/15/1896
Baptized: 2/7/1897

Entry #17
Child: Harriet Margaret PARKER
Parents: Alfred and Margaret
Born: 2/16/1897
Baptized: 3/3/1897

Entry #18
Child: Valentine August James GARDNER
Parents: Valentine and Frederica Augusta
Born: 12/10/1897
Baptized: 2/14/1898

Entry #19
Child: Lorna Evaline SMITH
Parents: Henry William and Catherine
Born: 7/17/No Entry
Baptized: 11/20/1897

Entry #20
Child: Anne Ellen JONES
Parents: John and Jane
Born: 10/11/1897
Baptized: 11/14/1897

Entry #21
Child: Gerhardt Peter BOUWER?
Parents: Peter Erasmus and Maria Magdalena
Born: 5/29/189(7?)
Baptized: 2/13/1898

Entry #22
Child: Johanna Hendrina LESSING
Parents: Nicolas Christavel and Carolina Elizabeth
Born: 11/10/1897
Baptized: 3/13/1898

Entry #23 - Illegible

Entry #24
Child: Petrenella Carolina VERMEULEN
Parents: Christian Johannes and Gerbreg? Elizabeth
Born: 7/17/1905
Baptized: 9/3/1905

Entry #25
Child: August Frederick MARKUS
Parents: Jeremiah Albert and Isabella Maria
Born: 5/3/1905
Baptized: 9/3/1905

Entry #26
Child: Peter John RIX
Parents: Christian Nicholas Frederick and Magdalene Elizabeth
Born: 10/28/1905
Baptized: 11/29/1905

Entry #27
Child: Alice Maria Daziell MCCULLOCH
Parents: Allen and Blanche Mabel
Born: 7/24/1905
Baptized: 12/3/1905

Entry #28
Child: Ivy Irena GARDNER
Parents: Valentine Orion? James and Fredericka Augusta
Born: 9/30/1905
Baptized: 12/22/1905

Entry #29
Child: Violet Mary WALSH
Parents: William and Maria
Born: 10/6/1905
Baptized: 2/25/1906

Entry #30
Child: Charles MORSE
Parents: David John and Cathrina Jacoba
Born: 10/13/1905
Baptized: 3/18/1906

Entry #31
Child: William Crawford SIM
Parents: Hugh and Margaret McNee
Parents: 3/29/1906
Baptized: 3/27/1906

Entry #32
Child: George Frederick DENNISON
Parents: Thomas and Jane
Born: 6/7/1906
Baptized: 8/19/1906

Entry #33
Child: Henry Ernest Martunis COOK
Parents: Ernest Davis and Elizabeth Loweth?
Born: 8/29/1906
Baptized: 11/18/1906

Entry #34
Child: Katherine SUTHERLAND
Parents: Robert and Ann
Born: 10/8/1906
Baptized: 12/14/1906

Entry #35
Child: John Owen SUTHERLAND
Parents: Robert and Ann
Born: 3/27/1905
Baptized: 5/Illegible/1905

Entry #36
Child: Frederik Johannes VON FRIEBERG
Parents: Bernhardt Franz and Margareta
Born: 6/16/1905
Baptized: 7/30/1905

Entry #37
Child: Doris Margaret LOGAN
Parents: John and Gertrude Simons
Born: 11/21/1906
Baptized: 1/3/1907

Entry #38
Child: William Peter DENTON
Parents: John Charlton and Maria Susannah
Born: 12/9/1906
Baptized: 1/20/1907

Entry #39
Child: Christian Johannes MARKUS
Parents: Jeremiah Albert and Isabella Maria
Born: 1/28/1907
Baptized: 2/17/1907

Entry #40
Child: Gehardes Martinus SCHRODER
Parents: Johannes Rudolph and Susanna Margareta
Born: 2/24/1907
Baptized: 2/24/1907

Entry #41
Child: Heinrich Frederick SCHRODER
Parents: Johannes Rudolph and Susanna Margareta
Born: 2/24/1907
Baptized: 2/24/1907

Entry #42
Child: Violet CHARLTON
Parents: Robert and Elizabeth Mary
Born: 2/25/1907
Baptized: 3/17/1907

Entry #43
Child: Ceridwen OWEN
Parents: John Robert and Margaret
Born: 2/14/1907
Baptized: 4/21/1907

Entry #44
Child: Peter Carl VAN WYK
Parents: Louis Cornellius Jacobus and Bertha Paulina
Born: 1/26/1907
Baptized: 4/21/1907

Entry #45
Child: Stanley Christian RIX
Parents: Christian Nicklas Frederick and Magdalena Elizabeth
Born: 5/31/1907
Baptized: 6/26/1907

Entry #46
Child: Jane Elizabeth Caroline SHEPHERD
Parents: William Alexander and Eliza
Born: 5/27/1907
Baptized: 7/28/1907

Entry #47
Child: Katie Violet GRIFFITHS
Parents: Robert and Grace Alice
Born: 5/2/1907
Baptized: 7/28/1907

Entry #48
Child: Edwin George SNELL
Parents: Fred Charles and Sarah Susan
Born: 7/2/1907
Baptized: 1/17/1908

Entry #49
Child: Nellie Frances DODS
Parents: Alexander and Elizabeth Crolin
Born: 9/2/1906
Baptized: 3/11/1908

Entry #50
Child: Liefina Johanna Maria VISIGIE
Parents: Christoffel Johannes and Maria Elizabeth
Born: 2/7/1908
Baptized: 6/14/1908

Entry #51
Child: Blanche Annie BONAMI
Parents: Amie France and Anna Cornelia
Born: 12/4/1906
Baptized: 6/14/1908

Entry #52
Child: Mary Eileen ARMSTRONG
Parents: Charles Allan and Florence Mary
Born: 11/24/1908
Baptized: 12/14/1908

Entry #53
Child: David William Josiah AUSTIN
Parents: David William and Dirkje Wilhelmina
Born: 11/25/1908
Baptized: 12/14/1908

Entry #54
Child: Ethel Eliza SHEPHERD
Parents: William Alexander and Eliza
Born: 12/12/1908
Baptized: 2/11/1909

Entry #55
Child: Hesse Magdalena MCDONALD
Parents: Benjamin and Annie Elizabeth
Born: 1/13/1909
Baptized: 2/14/1909

Entry #56
Child: Joseph Leitch MARTIN
Parents: Joseph Leitch and Margaret Jack
Born: 10/10/1908
Baptized: 3/3/1909

Entry #57
Parents: Robert and Anne
Born: 2/5/1909
Baptized: 3/25/1909

Entry #58
Child: Christina Evelyn Sim MCDOUGALL
Parents: Hugh and Janie Clark Stewart
Born: 8/15/1907
Baptized: 3/25/1909

Entry #59
Child: Norman George Edward WHITE
Parents: Harry Walks and Mary Ellen
Born: 4/28/1908
Baptized: 5/2/1909

Entry #60
Child: Margaret Eurwen GRIFFITHS
Parents: Robert and Grace Allen
Born: 4/3/1909
Baptized: 7/19/1909

That's all for this installment. Will start with Entry #61 on Installment #2.

Ellen Stanton

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