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From: "John Fuller" <>
Subject: RE: [ZA-IB] Can you identify these people?
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 13:37:38 -0800
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Dear Anthony,
Sorry about the delay in replying. I hope one day to be a man of leisure
with plenty of time for genealogy and my other passions.
Since your request involves quite a lot of information, here's what I've
decided to do.
I could send you a GEDCOM file into which most of my family information is
packed. However, I don't want the file circulated because I'm still in the
process of cleaning it up and trying to weed out some of the undocumented
gossip that's in there. If you'll agree to keep the file to yourself and use
it only as the basis for further discussion between ourselves, I'll send it
to you.
By the way, I have received some very interesting correspondence on the
three mystery photos and will be posting some of it to the site.

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Dear John

I am interested in several of the family names you listed in your email, so
possibly the photographs might be of interest to me. I probably would not
be able to do any identification myself, but my family has a whole lot of
photographs from the period you mentioned (around 1900), so maybe we could
do a match. Unfortunately, I am travelling a lot (currently in Korea), and
I will probably only be able to assess the photographs towards the end of
2002, when I am down in the Eastern Cape again. I also don't have a Web
site on which they could be posted.

Names of particular interest are:

> Botha
> Davies
> Fuller
> Palmer
> Stegmann
> Stone


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