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From: "Ellen Stanton" <>
Subject: [ZA-IB] Methodist Parish Records: Port Elizabeth #9
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 22:32:06 -0600

Greetings to All,

This is installment #9 of the continuation of Port Elizabeth Methodist Records. Dates follow American convention of MMDDYY. Some of the handwriting was very difficult to decipher, so entries with a ? denote my best guess.

Microfilm# 1560873
Methodist Parish Records
Port Elizabeth Christenings: 1866-1883
Item 6

Entry #541
Child: Della Catharine MCCAIG
Parents: Joseph and Florilla J.
Born: 6/27/1879
Baptized: 8/10/1879

Entry #542
Child: Henry William PORCH
Parents: Henry and Johanna
Born: 9/9/1879
Baptized: 9/25/1879

Entry #543
Child: Walter Henry SLATEM
Parents: George and Mary Ann
Born: 7/15/1879
Baptized: 9/28/1879

Entry #544 - Blank

Entry #545
Child: Lillie Maria KENDLE
Parents: John Thomas and Charlotte Elizabeth
Born: 8/27/1879
Baptized: 11/13/1879

Entry #546
Child: Vivian Illegible Maud KEMSLEY
Parents: John Chambers and Rachel Rogers
Born: 10/3/1879
Baptized: 11/13/1879

Entry #547
Child: George Rossiter BOALD
Parents: Charles Rossiter and Janet Mary
Born: 8/22/1879
Baptized: 9/28/1879

Entry #548
Child: Thomas William PELL
Parents: George Nelson and Alice Martha
Born: 5/12/1879
Baptized: 11/21/1879

Entry #549
Child: Mabel Catherine HODGSON
Parents: Henry William and Margaret Susan
Born: 9/30/1879
Baptized: 11/23/1879

Entry #550
Child: Zeta? Irene? WOOLACOTT
Parents: John and Elizabeth Howard
Born: 10/7/1879
Baptized: 11/29/1879

Entry #551
Child: Mary Louisa ATTREE
Parents: Ernest Skelton and Lina Helena Maria
Born: 6/13/1879
Baptized: 12/5/1879

Entry #552
Child: Claude Bismarke? BREDELL
Parents: Jacob and Catherine
Born: 11/14/1879
Baptized: 12/21/1879

Entry #553
Child: Dora Gregory GOUGH
Parents: Emanuel William and Caroline Ann
Born: 9/21/1879
Baptized: 12/21/1879

Entry #554
Child: Joseph William George JARVIS
Parents: George Edward and Sarah
Born: 12/1/1879
Baptized: 12/22/1879

Entry #555
Child: Susan Demas FLESHWOOD
Parents: John Peter and Susan
Born: 10/12/1879
Baptized: 1/2/1880

Entry #556
Child: Henry Thornhill COOK
Parents: John Thornhill and Susannah Sarah
Born: 12/21/1879
Baptized: 1/10/1880

Entry #557
Child: Alice Mary GREAVES
Parents: David and Elizabeth
Born: 5/6/1879
Baptized: 1/11/1880

Entry #558
Child: Fanny Elizabeth CHITTENDEN
Parents: William Darlington and Ann Catharine
Born: 11/23/1879
Baptized: 1/11/1880

Entry #559
Child: Gertrude Illegible WILKINS
Parents: Alfred John and Margaret
Born: 11/7/1879
Baptized: 1/31/1880

Entry #560
Child: Samuel WEBB
Parents: Richard and Sarah
Born: 12/25/1879
Baptized: 2/11/1880

Entry #561
Child: Thomas Mark? John RICKETTS
Parents: Charles and Elizabeth
Born: 1/25/1880
Baptized: 2/26/1880

Entry #562
Child: Emma BOSCOMBE
Parents: William and Frances Ann
Born: 3/2/1880
Baptized: 3/6/1880

Entry #563
Child: Florence Millicent TILBROOK
Parents: William and Louisa
Born: 1/5/1880
Baptized: 3/14/1880

Entry #564
Child: Edward Mallett Illegible WEBBER
Parents: William Stephen and Sarah Elizabeth
Born: 6/23/1880
Baptized: 3/15/1880

Entry #565
Child: Francis Alfred FROST
Parents: Joseph Wesley and Elizabeth Caroline
Born: 2/16/1880
Baptized: 4/13/1880

Entry #566
Child: Annie Grace RUSSELL
Parents: John and Ellenor Charlotte
Born: 2/2/1880
Baptized: 4/30/1880

Entry #567
Child: Emily Florence Mary WADDINGHAM
Parents: Bailey and Emily Annie
Born: 1/23/1880
Baptized: 2/22/1880

Entry #568
Child: George Clifford GATES
Parents: Samuel and Charlotte Susan
Born: 2/13/1880
Baptized: 3/1/1880

Entry #569
Child: Annie Susannah Sophia BEHRENS
Parents: Antonio and Susannah Pamela
Born: 2/23/1880
Baptized: 3/6/1880

Entry #570
Child: Susan GARDNER
Parents: John and Mary J.
Born: 3/18/1880
Baptized: 4/18/1880

Entry #571
Child: James Edward NASH
Parents: James Thomas and Ellen
Born: 3/8/1880
Baptized: 4/27/1880

Entry #572
Child: Joanna Christina Marthius? (Mathews?) VAN RENSBURG
Parents: Gerhardus Hendrick and Hannah Susannah
Born: 9/12/1876
Baptized: 6/7/1880

Entry #573
Child: Joshua Cawood VAN RENSBURG
Parents: Gerhardus Hendrick and Hannah Susannah
Born: 11/20/1879
Baptized: 6/7/1880

Entry #574
Child: Zipporah Margaret HURNDELL
Parents: Richard Featherstone and Ida Louisa
Born: 7/3/1880
Baptized: 8/1/1880

Entry #575
Child: Annie Bishop JEFFERY
Parents: John William and Priscilla Adela
Born: 9/5/1877
Baptized: 6/3/1880

Entry #576
Child: John William JEFFERY
Parents: John William and Priscilla Adela
Born: 4/5/1880
Baptized: 6/3/1880

Entry #577
Child: Laura Lucy HOLMES
Parents: John and Lucy
Born: 3/30/1880
Baptized: 6/4/1880

Entry #578
Child: Agnes Maria Emily PARTRIDGE
Parents: Henry and Ann Susannah
Born: 5/28/1880
Baptized: 6/13/1880

Entry #579
Child: William ALLEN
Parents: William and Alice Maria Illegible
Born: 3/30/1880
Baptized: 6/12/1880

Entry #580
Child: Charles Douglas ANDERSON
Parents: William and Kate
Born: 5/23/1880
Baptized: 7/4/1880

Entry #581
Child: Andrew Fred? DATES
Parents: Charles and Catharine
Born: 5/29/1880
Baptized: 7/4/1880

Entry #582
Child: James ELLIS
Parents: Albert and Frances
Born: 5/26/1880
Baptized: 7/18/1880

Entry #583
Child: Albert Cathcart BIRCH
Parents: John and Mary Ann
Born: 7/7/1880
Baptized: 7/26/1880

Entry #584
Child: Arthur Charles BIRCH? (BRENT?)
Parents: Felix and Emma
Born: 8/20/1880
Baptized: 8/23/1880

Entry #585
Child: Agnes Lydia SMITH
Parents: William and Lydia
Born: 5/15/1880
Baptized: 9/1/1810

Entry #586
Child: Albertyne Victoria Daniel PLUMRIDGE
Parents: Edwin and Amelia Eleanor
Born: 1/2/1880
Baptized: 9/28/1880

Entry #587
Child: Alice Lucy HOWARD
Parents: George Edward and Clara Hannah
Born: 6/24/1880
Baptized: 10/3/1880

Entry #588
Child: Miriam Madeline DARCH
Parents: Thomas and Sarah Hannah
Born: 9/7/1880
Baptized: 10/4/1880

Entry #589
Child: Caroline Jane LAKE?
Parents: Joseph and Catherine
Born: 9/11/1880
Baptized: 10/10/1880

Entry #590
Child: Frederick William ABLETT
Parents: James and Sarah Elizabeth
Born: 9/12/1877
Baptized: 10/24/1880

Entry #591
Child: Christopher SCHORN
Parents: John and Elizabeth
Born: 8/12/1880
Baptized: 9/29/1880

Entry #592
Child: Anne Magdalene SCHORN
Parents: Alfred and Mary
Born: 9/14/1880
Baptized: 9/29/1880

Entry #593
Child: Charlotte Mabel Myra COLE
Parents: Fredrik? and Sarah Rebecca
Born: 9/5/1880
Baptized: 9/29/1880

Entry #594
Child: Florence Maria Georgina BERRY
Parents: James Thomas and Susan Magdalene
Born: 9/3/1880
Baptized: 9/29/1880

Entry #595
Child: Martha Elizabeth MEW
Parents: William James Galpin? And Louis(e?) Blanche
Born: 5/16/1880
Baptized: 10/6/1880

Entry #596
Child: Susan Keen WEBB
Parents: William Oliver and Hannah Grainger
Born: 3/11/1880
Baptized: 10/31/1880

Entry #597
Child: Margaret Kate ABLETT
Parents: James and Sarah Elizabeth
Born: No Entry
Baptized: 10/24/1880

Entry #598
Child: John William? HAIGH
Parents: John Walter and Catherine Jane
Born: 7/27/1880
Baptized: 10/27/1880

Entry #599
Child: Illegible Illegible JOHNSTONE
Parents: Illegible
Born: 10/12/1880
Baptized: 11/24/1880

Entry #600
Child: Alice Annie SHERWIN
Parents: Herbert Walter and Theresa
Born: 9/29/1880
Baptized: 11/29/1880

That's all for this installment. Will start with Entry #601 on Installment #10.

Ellen Stanton

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