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From: "Ellen Stanton" <>
Subject: [ZA-IB] Methodist Parish Records: Beaufort West Odds 'n Ends
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 00:11:27 -0500


While looking for ANNAN for Helen Roberts, I came across these entries:

LDS Microfilm #1560855
Methodist Parish Records
Item 23: Beaufort West

Entry #28
Child: Grace Jane EAGAR
Parents: Blennerhasset and Susan Marcella Stretch (born DEVENISH)
Born: 10/28/1885
Baptized: 1/4/1886

Entry #29
Child: Johannes Frans HILL
Parents: James and Johanna Christina (born BALIE)
Born: 9/16/1873
Baptized: 1/5/1886

Entry #30
Child: Thomas William HILL
Parents: James and Johanna Christina (born BALIE)
Born: 9/24/1885
Baptized: 1/5/1886

Entry # (no #)
Child: Queenie Victoria Piere JORDAAN
Parents: Frederick Johannes and Amy Helenor (born TROLLIP)
Born: 2/26/1901
Baptized: 7/21/1901

Entry # (no #)
Child: Ada Mildred TROLLIP
Parents: Joseph Henry Havelock and Agnes Anderson Watt
Born: 5/15/1901
Baptized: 7/14/1901

Ellen Stanton

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