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From: Elva Hanly <>
Subject: [ZA-IB] Subject: LDS FILMS
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 18:35:00 +1000

Thanks Becky and Ellen for the lesson on locating Death records on LDS
films. This is good for us that are still fairly new to the List. I
actually followed step-by-step and feel more enlightened now.
When time permits a lesson in ordering would be very handy.
I found this in the List Archives from Ellen Stanton 5 Feb 2003
Methodist Index to LDS FILM 1560912.
I would like to see what is contained in:
Item 1 Oudtshoorn Marriages 1891-1918
Item 10 Stellenbosch Christenings 1854-1891
Item 11 Stellenbosch Christenings 1891-1912

Now, I know of two LDS family History centres that are the closest to
where I live.
What do do I next re ordering, and once ordered how do I get to view the
information, and perhaps offer to do look-ups.

This may sound like 'old stuff' to the more experienced, but us new ones
could sure do with a bit of coaching before we venture off into the


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> This is a re-post, courtesy from Ellen.
> Locating Death Records on LDS Films
> 1. Start by finding the reference numbers for the death notices you are
> looking for. These can be found by searching NAAIRS. Go to
> 2. Click on National Automated Archival Information Retrieval System
> 3. Click on SEARCH
> 4. Click on RSA. This option allows you to search all of the available
> records. Type in the name you are searching for, one name per line. Do
> not
> hit the space bar after typing the name. Use the tab key instead to get
> to
> the next box. When you have completed typing the name, hit the SEARCH
> button
> at the top left of the screen.
> On the next screen, you will see how many 'hits' you got on those
> names. If
> you enter a very common name, like 'John SMITH', you will get a lot of
> extraneous hits, so try to include some unique info about your
> particular
> 'John SMITH', such as a middle name, or a date.
> 5. Click on Result Summary at far left of set of gray boxes. Each one
> of
> the resulting links can be clicked on and will give you some information
> about what type of record it is. In this case, you are looking for death
> notices. They may say Death Notice, or Estate Papers, or they may just
> list
> the individual's name.
> 6. To find the LDS film for the death notice, you will require the
> Depot,
> the Reference Number, the Description, and the start/end date. For
> example,
> here is the pertinent information for four different death notices:
> a. Depot: KAB
> Reference #: 6884
> Description: RIDGARD, Sarah (nee UITCHLEY). Death Notice.
> Starting: 1871
> Ending: 1871
> b. Depot: NAB
> Reference #: 25467/1937
> Description: THOMAS, Henrietta (S/S William Alexander)
> Starting: 1937
> Ending: 1952
> c. Depot: TAB
> Reference #: 20426
> Description: LESLIE, George
> Starting: 1912
> Ending: 1912
> d. Depot: VAB
> Reference #24233
> Description: COCKCROFT, James Nendick
> Starting: 1932
> Ending: 1932
> 7. Go to the LDS Family Search site at
> 8. Click on Library tab (along the top right of screen).
> 9. Click on Family History Library Catalog (right below the Library
> tab)
> 10. Click on Place Search (blue boxes on the middle right portion of
> screen)
> 11. In the Place box, type in the Province:
> a. If the Depot is KAB, type in Cape Province and South Africa
> b. If the Depot is NAB, type in Natal and South Africa
> c. If the Depot is TAB, type in Transvaal and South Africa
> d. If the Depot is VAB, type in Orange Free State and South Africa
> In our examples above, there is one from each depot, so you will
> repeat
> this step four times to get the information you need. Click on the
> button.
> 12. Click on the link (e.g. South Africa, Transvaal)
> 13. Scroll down to Probate Records and click on the link.
> 14. For Cape Province, click on Probate records, 1834-1989.
> For Natal, click on Deceased estates, 1846-1950.
> For Transvaal, click on Probate records, 1869-1958
> For Orange Free State, click on Estate files, 1832-1989
> 15. Click on View Film Notes at top right of screen.
> 16. Scroll down to the desired year, and find the film number that
> corresponds to your reference number. In the case of Orange Free State,
> your
> reference number may have a single letter prefix before the number. The
> reference numbers with the letter prefix are first in the list, and then
> following them are some reference numbers that are strictly numeric.
> Just
> keep scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on Next film notes
> until you find the reference number and the year you are looking for.
> Hope this helps, and if you have any questions, bring them to the List
> and
> we can discuss them.
> Regards,
> Ellen Stanton
> Email: >>
> Kind Regards
> Becky

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