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From: "Marielle Ford" <>
Subject: Re: [ZA-IB] Contact details of researchers
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 14:37:09 +0200
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Hi all,

Let me quickly say that the list I am keeping was started for my own convenience and only includes members of this particular mailing list, not everyone in SA who is researching families. The one on Conrod's site is far more comprehensive than mine and covers anyone who wants to be on it! (Including myself!). I wanted a quick off-line reference to enable me to respond to other members' queries when relevant names pop up out of the woodwork.

Thanks David for pointing out the possible duplication, and for the offer of census lookups.

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From: David and Mary Bossenger
Sent: 06 August 2003 5:41 AM
Subject: RE: [ZA-IB] Contact details of researchers

Hi all,
I feel honoured to be included on the list of looker uppers but get to the
Archives very infrequently +- once in two months. Rather use one of the
other people in CT if you need quick results.
Some comments however. I see that some one is keeping a spreadsheet of who
is researching who. At Conrod's home page at specifically there is a list of who is
researching who in SA so that this appears to be duplication. If your name
is not registered at Conrod's site I suggest you do so asap as it is very
comprehensive and includes many names off the Afrikaans Genforum list.
Before their are outcries of why should that be of interest I have worked
with many Afrikaans speakers with 'English' names so there is much
overlapping. Examples are BUTLER, SMITH, LLOYD, ALDUM etc.
Finally I see that there is much interest in the SA origins on the 1881
census. I have the CDs so will be more than happy to assist researchers
who do not have direct access and who find that the online research facility
of the LDS has not helped them. I have the V3.0 viewer so can do advanced
searches if I know which area, as I cannot do this off the National List.
So if you have exhausted all possibilities and then need help ask and I will
help if I can, but not for the next two weeks as I have family visiting.
David Bossenger



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