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From: John Dods <>
Subject: Re: [ZA-IB] RESEARCH
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 05:43:13 -0700 (PDT)
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I too experenced a similar problem, I don't know if
you recall my comment, I am unsure which list I posted
it too, but I likened the shipping charge to playing
for the CD's own seat on a plane, lol.
However this comment prompted many a kind sole to
e-mail me with various solutions.
One of which was to buy from the local LDS FHC,
however, my local has reduced its hours to a couple of
hours during two week days, no good for me I'd have to
take to much time off work to get over there and back
to work, not an option for a solo parent. But this
maybe the solution for you.
The other thing I am concerned about is your Scottish
look ups costing 3 GBP!
Scotland's People
gives you 30 credits for 6GBP.
You can view up to 25 search results for 1 credit 50p,
at the moment the 1881 pages aren't scanned, so you
can view a household from the LDS data (i.e. same as
on the Cd's) for 1 credit, 50p. Plus you can also use
your credits, to search BDM records, ans the 1901 &
1891 census (the rest will follow), or view pages from
those two census or get copiers of BDM.
This is so cheap, English certs cost 7 GBP if you are
UK based or 8.50 GBP for others, for the equivalent of
2GBP you get an image of your Scottish BDM record plus
bonus spares, which although might not be of use for
you, might be of use to someonelse.
I never have any problem in spending my 30 credits
within the 48 hours, even though I have to snatch time
while my 4 year old is asleep or watching Teletubbies
et al and "fight" for computer time with my 15 year
old. :-)
Anyhow need any pointers with Scottish records LMK.
John Dods
Wellington, NZ (GO ALL BLACKS!!)

--- Marielle Ford <> wrote:
> I agree. I wanted to order the British census CD's
> from LDS - The CD's would have cost me USD31, but
> the postage was an extra USD49 ! With a huge phone
> bill from using the internet during peak hours, I
> cannot justify this added expense!
> Does anyone know if the local branch of LDS can
> supply these at cheaper, local postage rates? I
> have a contact address in Pretoria.
> Likewise the Scottish lookups that cost GBP3-00 a
> shot, plus extra for copies, and all this for a
> limited period, is just not an option.
> Marielle Ford

Proud to be a transcriber for the freeCEN Project
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