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From: "Becky Horne" <>
Subject: [ZA-IB] Genealogy Material
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 21:01:23 +0200

Hello Guys

If you are looking for material pertaining to Afrikaans and English research, here is an edited version of what's on offer.
For a full brief of this email, plus prices, please contact Colin Pretorius Off-List.
For the English only folks, Colin will translate.
Please contact Colin at -

In brief, the following books are available (on CD format):

1. Pretorius deur drie eeue
2. Die Stamouers Coetzee en nageslagte
3. The ABO (cemeteries, concentration camps, "Smarte van die oorlog", etc.)
4. Meintjes - six books by Johannes Meintjes (including Genl Louis Botha, De la Rey, Pres Steyn, The Voortrekkers, etc)
5. Kruger - two books by Prof JW Kruger
6. Smuts - (Grey Steel & "JC Smuts" )
7. International CD (from Froude's "History of England" & Abelard's "Historia Calamitatum" to "The history of modern Europe" and "A history of Wales".)
8 . SuperGene 3 - includes all of the above plus more. More than 200 books, articles, Excel databases etc)

Kind Regards

on behalf of Heather MacAlister - List Owner

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