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From: "Alan Keightley" <>
Subject: Re: [ZA-IB] Wright
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 09:19:18 +1200
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Hi Shivering Sharon

Leal WRIGHT was killed in action at Schmidtsdrift during the ABW. He left a wife
(Frances Jememia [not a typo] WRIGHT (born CAMPBELL) and two sons, Steven
Osbourne and Leal Gordon Campbell.

Frances WRIGHT later married Frederick Louis VAN EYSSEN, and they had two
daughters, Sylvia Consuela May and Daphne Crawford.

Sylvia was my wife's maternal grandmother.

I was just wondering whether you might have any information about Leal WRIGHT?

Bundle up warmly,

Ageing Alan in Auckland.

On 9 Aug 2003 at 15:29, sharon marshall wrote:

> Prompted by the Wright name in the last email, thought I'd scratch out the orphan WRIGHTs in my database, in the hopes of findng parents and/or new links:
> Eizabeth Ann WRIGHT (b1841) m William Samuel DOLD
> Emily W WRIGHT (1831-1894) m William WOOD mm Joseph GADD
> Averil Phyllis WRIGHT m Leslie Eric TROLLIP (1913-1955)
> Charles WRIGHT m Mary Ann THOMPSON (1828-1865)
> Ann WRIGHT m William TARR (1829-)
> Charlotte WRIGHT (1826-1892) m John Edwin WOOD (1829-1921)
> David WRIGHT m Emily (Amelia) Ann BUCKLEY (1845-)
> Elizabeth WRIGHT m Francis Turner HULLEY
> Harriet WRIGHT m William FOXCROFT (abt 1813-)
> John Kenneth WRIGHT m Julie Dorothy COLLETT (1939-)
> Kenneth Warner WRIGHT (d1960) m Victoria MILES (abt 1886-1960)
> Maisie WRIGHT (d1990) m Edward George Bramwell SHAW
> W WRIGHT m Florence KEETON (1869-)
> All clues much appreciated - I have a few descendants of John Cecil WRIGHT (1796-1847) and Elizabeth C PENNY (1808-1881) and thought they might link up somewhere,
> Shivering Sharon in Cape Town
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