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From: "Ellen Stanton" <>
Subject: [ZA-IB] Methodist Parish Records: Queenstown Christenings: 1887-1888
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 07:17:42 -0500

Greetings to All,

This is installment #31 of the Queenstown Methodist Records. Dates follow American convention of MMDDYY. Some of the handwriting was very difficult to decipher, so entries with a ? denote my best guess.

Microfilm# 1560874
Methodist Parish Records
Queenstown: 1883-1929
Item 3

Entry #181
Child: Noel Leary BARNES
Parents: Joseph Holchous and Emma
Born: 11/24/1886
Baptized: 1/9/1887

Entry #182
Child: Elizabeth Sarah HAYTER
Parents: Henry and Martha Mary Sophia
Born: 8/18/1886
Baptized: 4/7/1887

Entry #183
Child: Leonora BRADFIELD
Parents: Edward Robert and Alice Ann
Born: 2/11/1887
Baptized: 4/24/1887

Entry #184
Child: Annie Dora RIDLEY
Parents: Alfred and Frances
Born: 3/16/1887
Baptized: 4/24/1887

Entry #185
Child: Daisy Olive BROWN
Parents: Oliver Rosston and Thomasine Costell
Born: 2/9/1887
Baptized: 5/14/1887

Entry #186
Child: Cecily Theodore BOOTY
Parents: William Frederick Stanburg and Cecilia Mary
Born: 11/28/1886
Baptized: 4/27/1887

Entry #187
Child: Bertha PEARS
Parents: George Ashcraft and Jessie
Born: 4/15/1887
Baptized: 5/15/1887

Entry #188
Child: Emmie Dorcas THOMAS
Parents: James Stewart and Annie Thomas
Born: 10/30/1882
Baptized: 5/29/1887

Entry #189
Child: Albert William WELLS
Parents: William and Emily
Born: 6/14/1879
Baptized: 5/29/1887

Entry #190
Child: Ernest Henry WELLS
Parents: William and Emily
Born: 4/5/1881
Baptized: 5/29/1887

Entry #191
Child: Alice Grace WELLS
Parents: William and Emily
Born: 3/13/1883
Baptized: 5/29/1887

Entry #192
Child: Edward WELLS
Parents: William and Emily
Born: 5/7/1885
Baptized: 5/29/1887

Entry #193
Child: Charles Victor WELLS
Parents: William and Emily
Born: 5/7/1887
Baptized: 5/29/1887

Entry #194
Child: David John KIDSON
Parents: Michael and Sarah
Born: 12/12/1885
Baptized: 6/11/1887

Entry #195
Child: Edith Maria BOTHA
Parents: William and Margaret
Born: 4/30/1886
Baptized: 6/12/1887

Entry #196
Child: Letitia Susana BENTLEY
Parents: Daniel and Hanna
Born: 3/25/1887
Baptized: 6/12/1887

Entry #197
Child: Vertein VAN WYK
Parents: Adrian and Sarah
Born: 12/29/1886
Baptized: 6/12/1887

Entry #198
Child: Jacobus SCHEEPERS
Parents: Africander and Sartje
Born: 7/12/1886
Baptized: 6/12/1887

Entry #199
Child: Jan MICHAL
Parents: Michal and Sinna
Born: 5/18/1887
Baptized: 6/12/1887

Entry #200
Child: Robert William SCOTT
Parents: Robert Pringle and Ellen G.
Born: 5/27/1887
Baptized: 7/10/1887

Entry #201
Child: Colin Meay MCDONALD (daughter)
Parents: John and Elizabeth Georgina
Born: 3/13/1887
Baptized: 7/9/1887

Entry #202
Child: Harry Launcelot Trevelyan PEVERETT
Parents: Henry and Leah
Born: 4/30/1869
Baptized: 7/8/1887

Entry #203
Child: John Samuel VOLBRECHT
Parents: Charles and Jane
Born: 6/14/1887
Baptized: 7/17/1887

Entry #204
Child: Edward Andrew JOHNSTON
Parents: Andrew and Harriet Stinton
Born: 6/17/1887
Baptized: 8/3/1887

Entry #205
Child: Florence Maude CLACK
Parents: William Robert and Lousia Mary
Born: 7/28/1887
Baptized: 9/4/1887

Entry #206
Child: Violet May EDKINS
Parents: Thomas West and Lydia Ann
Born: 7/16/1887
Baptized: 9/11/1887

Entry #207
Child: Margaret Agnes JACKSON
Parents: Anthony Daniel and Selina Dinah
Born: 9/12/1887
Baptized: 10/3/1883

Entry #208
Child: Adda Louisa JEFFERY
Parents: John William and Priscilla Adela
Born: 8/10/1887
Baptized: 9/20/1887

Entry #209
Child: Beatrice Phyllis HODGES
Parents: Albert Henry and Ellen Emily
Born: 8/19/1887
Baptized: 10/9/1887

Entry #210
Child: Pauline Emma BECK
Parents: George and Louisa
Born: 8/26/1887
Baptized: 10/9/1887

Entry #211
Child: Nellie Fletcher MAYTHAM
Parents: William and Mary Jane
Born: 9/11/1887
Baptized: 10/9/1887

Entry #212
Child: John William Eric ADKINS
Parents: Charles William and Jane Fenton
Born: 8/31/1887
Baptized: 10/16/1887

Entry #213
Child: Alice Elizabeth BARNES
Parents: David and Letitia Maria
Born: 8/16/1887
Baptized: 10/18/1887

Entry #214
Child: Stephen Harry WHITE
Parents: Richard and Edith
Born: 7/1/1885
Baptized: 11/12/1887

Entry #215
Child: Edith Jane WHITE
Parents: Richard and Edith
Born: 8/26/1887
Baptized: 11/12/1887

Entry #216
Child: Harold Chambers REYNOLDS
Parents: Henry Peter and Dorothy Maria
Born: 7/20/1887
Baptized: 10/25/1887

Entry #217
Child: George William SUTTON
Parents: William and Martha Elizabeth
Born: 5/21/1887
Baptized: 11/27/1887

Entry #218
Child: Ida Priscilla UNDERWOOD
Parents: Henry and Janet
Born: 10/14/1887
Baptized: 12/4/1887

Entry #219
Child: Dulcie May Bradshaw ROBERTS
Parents: Henry Bradshaw Bell and Eliza Matilda
Born: 9/14/1885
Baptized: 12/6/1887

Entry #220
Child: Johanna Petronella OPPERMAN
Parents: Philip and Maria
Born: 4/6/1887
Baptized: 12/11/1887

Entry #221
Child: Walter Sidney AUSTEN
Parents: John and Prudence Lily
Born: 10/31/1887
Baptized: 12/7/1887

Entry #222
Child: John Carnarvon BOTHA
Parents: William and Margaret
Born: 11/13/1887
Baptized: 11/27/1887

Entry #223
Child: Henry Martinus SCHEEPERS
Parents: Andries and Catherine
Born: 9/12/1887
Baptized: 11/27/1887

Entry #224
Child: Bessie Victor LEACH
Parents: William Norton and Mary Ann
Born: 8/7/1887
Baptized: 12/30/1887

Entry #225
Child: Ethel Muriel UNDERWOOD
Parents: George and Hannah
Born: 10/23/1887
Baptized: 1/8/1888

Entry #226
Child: Matthew Cornelius MAYTHAM
Parents: Alfred and Isabella Mary
Born: 10/4/1887
Baptized: 1/17/1888

Entry #227
Child: Violet Claudina WATSON
Parents: James Kemp and Eleanor Claudina
Born: 11/21/1887
Baptized: 12/18/1887

Entry #228
Child: Margaret Isabella DRYDEN
Parents: John and Isabella
Born: 12/3/1887
Baptized: 1/22/1888

Entry #229
Child: Alice Mary JAKINS
Parents: Samuel John and Alice Emily
Born: 1/5/1888
Baptized: 2/2/1888

Entry #230
Child: Arthur Dewstoe MARSHALL
Parents: William James and Lucy Martha
Born: 12/13/1888
Baptized: 2/4/1888

Entry #231
Child: Matilda Jane MITCHLEY
Parents: George Northampton and Laura Isabella
Born: 7/24/1887
Baptized: 2/12/1888

Entry #232
Child: Mary Sadler JACKSON
Parents: Arthur William and Susana Fincham
Born: 9/18/1887
Baptized: 12/23/1887

Entry #233
Child: Maria Susan Emma Dora BEHREND
Parents: August and Mary Annie
Born: 12/5/1887
Baptized: 2/18/1888

Entry #234
Child: George Preston SOLE
Parents: Samuel Alfred and Jane Susan
Born: 11/3/1887
Baptized: 2/21/1888

Entry #235
Child: Inez Kathleen WEAKLEY
Parents: John Benjamin and Sarah Elizabeth
Born: 1/5/1888
Baptized: 2/26/1888

Entry #236
Child: Walter Cuthbert SLOGROVE
Parents: James and Mary Jane
Born: 1/27/1888
Baptized: 3/4/1888

Entry #237
Child: Agnes Sarah PHILLIPS
Parents: George Grey and Emily
Born: 1/11/1888
Baptized: 3/3/1888

Entry #238
Child: Harold Guthridge LOVELL
Parents: James Guthridge and Emilie
Born: 2/25/1888
Baptized: 4/1/1888

Entry #239
Child: Lettice Lovemore WAINWRIGHT
Parents: Edmund and Henrietta Marion
Born: 4/4/1888
Baptized: 4/20/1888

Entry #240
Child: Gerald Alfred WAINWRIGHT
Parents: Edward George and Agnes Anne
Born: 4/8/1888
Baptized: 4/21/1888

That's all for this installment. Will start with Entry #241 on Installment #32.

Ellen Stanton

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