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From: "D&H Garner" <>
Subject: [ZA-IB] GARNER
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 20:46:13 +0200

Hallo Robin & Heather,

Many thanks for your emails and info regarding the GARNER's. I finished my
research about the William Knowles GARNER line and did use the death notices
in the Free State Archives. I am only trying to solve problems at this
stage regarding:

Edward Knowles GARNER * 1868-02-13, Berea, Durban Borough . (According to
the St. Paul's baptismal register he was never baptised) He was
apprenticed to Thomas Poynton for 6 years from 13 Feb. 1882 as a carpenter
and joiner In Thomas Poynton's estate the name Garner is mentioned as
owing 1000 pounds to Poynton.

Robin asked: Have you seen the Garner pages in Volume 7 of British Settlers
in Natal
1824 to 1857 by Shelagh O'Byrne Spencer? If not let me know and I'll copy
them for you.

Thanks for your offer - yes I know Sheilagh and the wonderful research she
has done. I do have the photocopies of her books.

Thanks for the cemetry info you sent - it is most welcome.

I am interested in other GARNER families and will appreciate any info about

Kind regards.
Helena Garner.

Helena Garner

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