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Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much for your reply. Will contact you next week if I am in
JHB. My cell is 082-6580164. When I was at Grey High School in the 1970's,
there was a boy called Reynolds who was a year ahead of me and I think he
was also related to the same Reynolds family.

Here is in the information I have about Harry Church/Sarah Reynolds. I also
have a picture of Sarah and Harry on their stoep in Wetton as well as the
copy of the newspaper article related to their 50th wedding anniversary.


According to records held at the Cape Archives (MOOC5396/49), Harry Church
was born in Diep River on the 6th of August 1863.

The 1st reference found thereafter appears in the Simonstown Marriage
Register, which is also held at the Cape Archives. It lists his first
marriage to Maria Christina (or Catharina) Alberta Bergh on the 22/3/1887.
Harry would have been 24, his residence is listed as Kalk Bay and his
occupation Blacksmith. Maria was 18 (baptised Simonstown DRC 12/9/1868) and
permission to marry was given by her mother Jacoba Bergh the widow of the
late Gerhardus Basil(unclear could be Bernard) Bergh. The witnesses were
H(M)AE Bergh (sister?) and N Renwick.

The Dutch Reformed Church baptismal (Doop) register held at the offices on
the Dutch Reformed Church in Queen Vicoria Road records the birth of their
first child, named Henry Bernard, on the 7th of February 1888, baptized at
the Simonstown DRC and witnessed by Jacoba Petronela Bergh(probably Marias
mother) and Willem Kirsten.

The old Boer War cemetery in Runciman Drive, Simonstown marks the graves of
Maria (nee Bergh) w.o Harry died 1889 at the age of 20 and then Henry s.o
Harry died 1894 at the age of 6.

Harry remarried in 1891 to Sarah Maria Reynolds (daughter of Isaac and Maria
Reynolds - noted as the late JB Reynolds of Claremont) at St Saviours Church
in Claremont. They were married by the Reverend CF Tobias. Between 1892 and
c. 1905 they produced seven children:

Emma Muriel Irene (Simonstown DRC baptismal records 1892) known as Muriel.
Colin Edgar Reynolds (Simonstown DRC baptismal records 1893)
Harold Walter Jurgens (1895)
Ralph Berthold known as Bertie
Lionel Lovatt Kitchener (1900)
Alfred Basil Clifford known as Alf
Dulcie Elaine Antoinette

In 1893 the De Limas Cape Almanac has Harry Church listed as a blacksmith
living at Beach in Kalk Bay. Despite this reference, Harry and Sarah lived
only in Wetton and Claremont except for a short time when Harry farmed at
Bamboo Vlei. Harry was noted as one of the first residents of Wetton.

Numerous references appear in the Cape Archives - Aquarius database -
related to property purchases made by Harry Church between 1890 and 1920.
For example Source CSC Vol 13/2/15 Ref LS11/1917 speaks of a Land Sale: the
executors of Thomas Arnoldus Johan Louw and Harry Church 1917. Source 3/CT
4/1/3/72 Vol D77/2 deals with expired contracts: Contract with Harry Church
of Bamboo Vlei, Wynberg. There are also 15 references to mortgage bonds in
the name of Harry Church.

His business was called Cartage Contractors at one stage although in later
life business was simply carried out under the name H.Church.

In 1941 Harry and Sarah celebrated their 50th anniversary at the home in
Wetton. They had kept a bottle of champagne since their wedding day. They
were quoted as saying that they owed their happy married years to facing
lifes ups and downs together and making their home the center of family
life. Sarah had noted that she did not know whether modern couples had the
same chance of 50 years married life. Many of todays marriages were too
rushed, she had said.

Sarah died a few months before him shortly after the 2nd World War. At her
death, Harry said to my father, My life is over now. He had told his son
Alf that Sarah was with Harold now. He died shortly afterwards, the
funeral being held at his house in Wetton Road in Dutch. The day before his
death my father had visited him and on leaving had said, See you tomorrow.
Oh no you wont, he had replied.

Harry Church died at his house called Dulmur in Wetton on the 28th of
September 1949 at the age of 86. His son Alfred was present at his bedside
when he died. Harry had sold the entire business to Alfred on 5 September
1949 for 100 pounds. His occupation was listed as a Retired Contractor.

His death was preceded by that of his wife Sarah who died on the 23rd of
April 1949.

At the time of Harrys death, all the children, of his second marriage, were
alive except for Harold Walter Jurgens who died in 1927 from wounds
sustained in the 1st world war. Dulcie was living in Bellville, Muriel in
Cape Town, Lionel in Cape Town, Colin in Bethlehem,OFS, Bertie in
Grahamstown and Alf in Cape Town.

He had a bank account at Standard Bank in Wynberg and Life Policies with
Southern Life.

Harry Church is interred at the Plumstead Cemetery alongside his wife Sarah
and son Harold.

On Harrys death certificate, in the place where his parents names should
have been filled in, it simply says Deceased.

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Well at last I have a contact. Sarah Maria's father's name was Isaac
Benjamin Reynolds who married Maria Clasina Jurgens in Cape Town. He died
in Johannesburg on 16 July 1922 and is buried in Brixton Cemetry.
His father was Thomas Reynolds ,born 1816 and died 1846 and is buried at St
Pauls in Cape Town.
He married Mary-Ann Jobson an 1820 settlers daughter ( John Jobson)
Thomas Reynolds is my great-great grand father. I would love to meet with
Peter Church to swop information as I have much I can give him. My telephone
number is 013-693-0132 (office) or 013-656-5740 (Home)
Kevin Reynolds
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> Hi Terry,
> My great-grandmother was Sarah Maria Reynolds (born c 1870) who married
> Harry Church (born Diep River 1863, parents unknown) at St Saviours Church
> in Claremont in 1891. On her death notice (1949) her deceased parents are
> listed as Isaac and Maria Reynolds although in a write up of Harry and
> Sarah's 50th wedding anniversary in 1941 it lists her father as the late
> Reynolds of Claremont. A JB Reynolds appears in the Cape Almanac as a
> Blacksmith living in Wynberg in 1891. My father remembers the Reynold's as
> owning a drapery business in Wynberg. Do you have links to these
> One of Harry's children was named Harold Walter Jurgens Church. My father
> believed that the name Jurgens came from the Reynolds side. There is a
> history of porphyria in our family that is believed to have originated
> the Jurgens connection?
> Regards,Peter Church
> 'Desperately seeking Harry'
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