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Subject: [ZA-IB] Marriages Natal Witness 1875
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 16:48:29 +0200

Hello Again

Here are transcripts of the Natal Witness Marriages from 1875
This is the format in which the transcript reads Groom,Bride,Date,Date
for further transcripts go to


Abel,Warner,19-Aug-1875,3-Sep-1875,At Bishopstowe by the Rev Mr
Winslow,"Edmund Abel to - Alice Vickers, second daughter of Mr W Warner,

Acutt,McDonald,12-Aug-1875,24-Aug-1875,At Hoghton by the Rev T Taylor of
Greytown,"Corron Acutt, Wolverhampton, england to - Marian Matilda youngest
daughter of the late Hugh McDonald, Durban"

Adams,Brandon,15-April-1875,27-April-1875,no details,Mr John Adams to - Miss
Mary Ann Brandon of the Umgeni

Alikins,James,25-Nov-1875,3-Dec-1875,"At the Wesleyan chapel, Verulam by the
Rev S H Stott","Lewis Ambrose Alikins of Kimberley Diamond Fields to - Mary
Eliza eldest daughter of Mr Peter James, Verulam"

Anderson,Whiting,4-Mar-1875,12-Mar-1875,At Durban by the Rev Z
Robinson,"William anderson, Pilot, to - Janet Canoon Whiting late of
Adelaide, Australia"

Arbuthnot,Barker,20-July-1875,30-July-1875,"At St Patricks, Umzinto by the
Right Rev the Lord Bishop of PMBurg","Hubert Arbuthnot of Kinmundie, Umzinto
to - Rosa Evangeline, daughter of the Rev Canon Baker, Incumbent of Umzinto"

Atkins,Scanton,20-April-1875,27-April-1875,At the residence of the bride's
father by the Rev T A Rhodes,John Atkins to - Emily daughter of Mr James
Scanton of Verulam

Barret,Burgess,30-June-1875,23-July-1875,"At Middleburg, Z A R ","B R Barret
to - Maria Upton only daughter of Mr W H Burgess late of Verulam, Natal"

Beddoes,Mason,11-Mar-1875,16-Mar-1875,At the residence of the bride's father
by the Rev Z Robinson,"Mr Gilbert Beddoes C.E. superintendent of Harbour
Works Port Natal to - Elizabeth youngest daughter of Mr Robert Mason,

Bennett,Sparks,6-Nov-1875,19-Nov-1875,Bennett of Durban to - Sara Ann eldest
daughter of Mr David Sparks of Sydenham,Meyrick Bennett to - Sara Ann

Bradstreet,Scoble,5-Feb-1875,12-Mar-1875,"At Pilgrim's rest,
Transvaal","Robert Bradstreet of Newcastle Natal, second son of the late
Major C R Bradstreet 37th Regiment M.N.J. V.C.B. to - Maud third daughter of
Mr John Scoble J.P. of Bosco Bello, Newcastle, Natal"

Brokensha,Cowey,7-Oct-1875,12-Oct-1875,"In the Congregational Church, Durban
by the Rev W Mann","Francis Carne Brokensha to - Ellen Baines third daughter
of Mr William Cowey, Durban"

Brown,Britton,2-Oct-1875,19-Oct-1875,By special licence by the Rev.
Archdeacon Lloyd,Mr R d Brown to - Jemima Britton fourth daughter of the lat
Mr W Britton both of PMBurg

Brunton,Hall,29-Dec-1874,5-Jan-1875,At the residence of the bride's father
by the Ven. Archdeacon Fearne,"George Brunton Of durban to - Elizabeth
youngest daughter of Robert Hall Esq. Of ""Sweet Home"" county

Buckle,Francis,23-Feb-1875,2-Mar-1875,At Kirby Vale by the Rev S H
Stott,"William Couves Buckle, Grafton Nonoti to - Harriet Marilda only
daughter of Mr Daniel Francis"

Bunting,Sibthorp,25-Jan-1875,29-Jan-1875,"At the Church of St John the
Evangelist, Weston, Mooi River by the Rev. G. Smith, Incumbent of the
Parish","George Frederick bunting of Honeysuckle Dale, Mooi river to _ Mary
eldest daughter of Mr William Sibthorp of Weston"

Burton,Pay,15-Dec-1875,21-Dec-1875,"At the residence of the bride's father
by the Ven Archdeacon Lloyd, assisted by the Rev. J Reynolds","Mr Shepherd
Ray Burton to - Elizabeth Amy, eldest surviving daughter of Mr George Pay,
Bellevue Cottage, Berea"

Butler,Low,28th Aug-1875,3-Sep-1875,At St Cyprians Durban by the Rev
Archdeacon Dakin,Charles Arthur Butler youngest son of aptain C G Butler
R.N. to - Louisa eldest daughter of the late Richard Low Esq. Formerley
Captain in the 53rd Regiment & Major of the Limerick Militia

Cameron,Meyer,5-July-1875,6-July-1875,At the Dutch Reformed Church by the
Rev A Van Velden,John McKenzie Cameron to - Miss Catherine K Meyer youngest
daughter of Mr Coemaad Meyer of Kaffir Drift near Inchanga

Cato,Badger,11-Mar-1875,12-Mar-1875,By special licence at Burger Street
PMBurg by the Rev J A De La Touche,Christopher Alfred Cato of Mooi River
to - Elizabeth Jane eldest daughter of the late Johnathan Badger

Christionson,Jackson,9-Nov-1875,16-Nov-1875,At St cyprian's church by the
Rev Archdeacon Dayken,John Christionson to - Katherine Elizabeth widow of
the lat Joseph A Jackson

Clunas,Curle,22-Jan-1875,2-Feb-1875,"At the residence of the bride's father
by the Rev C Scott, Pinetown","John Clunas to Isabella second daughter of Mr
Andrew Curle, Prospect Hall, Umgeni, Durban"

Collins,Etchells,26-Oct-1875,2-Nov-1875,At the Amanzimtoti Mission Station
by the Rev W Wedlar,"William Collins to - Ellen Margaret Etchells, fourth
daughter of the late Mr Etchells of Grahamstown"

Collison,North,20-Mar-1875,23-Mar-1875,At St Saviours Church by the Very Rev
Dean Green,"Alfred Collison of Bilney Estate, County Victoria to - Mary
Ellen eldest daughter of Mr R S North of PMBurg"

Corner,De Jongh,11-Oct-1875,19-Oct-1875,At Weenen Dutch Reformed Church by
the Rev Richard Craig,"Mr P Corner of Windsor Castle Farm, County Victoria
to - Everdina second daughter of Mr J De Jongh, County Weenen"

Cox,Swales,23-June-1875,6-July-1875,"At the residence of the bride's father,
Berea, by the Ven Archdeacon Lloyd, colonial Chaplain",John cox of the
Umgeni to - Jane Aann second daughter of Mr Christopher Swales

Crawford,Russell,11-Aug-1875,27-Aug-1875,"At Pilgrims Rest, by special
licence by the Rev George Blencowe","Mr A J Crawford late of Durban, Natal
to - Ellen, third daughter of Mr Henry russell of Pretoria, Transvaal

Farrell,Cole,30-Aug-1875,3-Sep-1875,At PMBurg by the Rev Father Barrett,Mr P
Farrell to - Miss Mary Ann Cole

Forbes,Leo,17-June-1875,22-June-1875,At the Umgeni by the Rev Mr Robinson,Mr
James Forbes to Miss Anna Elizabeth Leo

Funnell,Risley,28-Sep-1875,8-Oct-1875,At St Peters Cathedral by the Lord
Bishop of Natal,"Edward Funnell eldest son of Mr Edward Ford formerley of
Warblington House, Emsworth, Hants. To - Emily, eldest daughter of William
risley of PMBurg, Natal"

Godwin,Lloyd,29-July-1875,6-Aug-175,"At the residence of the bride's father,
Durban, by the Rev. Z Robinson (Wesleyen Minister)","Mr thomas Godwin to -
Annie Wilhelmina daughter of Mr James Lloyd, Artist of Durban"

Goldston,Redpath,17-Nov-1875,10-Dec-1875,"At Heidelberg, Transvaal by
special licence",William Goldston (junior) of Wentworth Natal to - Clara
Matilda Redpath of the above Town

Goodbrand,Canning,6-Nov-1875,12-Nov-1875,At Durban by Rev John
Buchanan,"Alexander Goodbrand, Natal, Railway company to - Mary only
surviving daughter of the late Mr Horatio Joseph Canning, London"

Grant,McNicol,1-Nov-1875,9-Nov-1875,"At the residence of Mr W V Mason,
Umgeni by the Rev T Goodwin","Sam Grant (junior) to - Margaret youngest
daughter of Mr Archibald McNicol, Umgeni"

Hampson,Dingley,6-Jan-1875,12-Jan-1875,By the Rev D Rood M.A. Stanger,"M A
Hampson, eldest son of Mr B Hampson of durban to - Mary a third daughter of
Mr J G Dingley"

Hampson,Turner,18-Mar-1875,30-Mar-1875,At Verulam by the Rev J Allsopp,Mr E
A Hamp to - Miss turner both of Verulam

Harcourt,Kendrick,18-Jan-1875,26-Jan-1875,"At Hilltop, by the Ven Archdeacon
Fearne",Joseph Harcourt to - Caroline Kendrick

Harding,Davis,12-Jan-1875,2-Feb-1875,At Bishopstowe by the Rev J D la
Touche,"Reuben eldest son of Mr C Harding, Mooi River to - Annie third
daughter of the late Mr. W Davis, Bishopstowe"

Harding,Watling,15-Sep-1875,21-Sep-1875,"At St Saviours Cathedral, PMBurg by
the Ven Rev the Dean","Charles, second son of Mr charles Harding, Mooi
River, to - Alice Mary Ann, second daughter of Mr J W Watling"

Hellably,Fox,26-Oct-1875,19-Nov-1875,"At Trinity Church, Port Elizabeth by
the Rev C F Overton M.A.","Richard douglas Hellably Esq. Wood Street London
to - Mary, second daughter of the late E H J fox of Stamford Hill London.

Henwood,Ratsey,25-Aug-1875,3-Sep-1875,"At St Johns Church Pinetown, by the
Rev Canon Tonnesen",William Henwood Esq. Of PMBurg to - Amelia Caroline
eldest daughter of the late Captain Ratsey and grandaughter of Admiral
Ratsey late of the Isle of Wight

Holman,Stafford,22-Dec-1874,22-Jan-1875,"By special licence at Stafford
House, Alfred County by the Rev T Button","George P Holman J.P. to - Ellen
Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. E S Stafford of the above place"

Holwell,Phillips,1-Nov-1875,9-Nov-1875,"At the Congregational Church, Durban
by the Ref W H Mann","Mr C A Holwell late of Walthamstow, Essex, England
to - Alice second daughter of W F Phillips Esq. Of Ware, Hertfordshire"

Hull,Thomson,25-Sep-1875,28-Sep-1875,"At the residence of the bride, Loop
Street, PMBurg by the Rev John Smith M. A. Minister of St Johns Presbyterian
Church","Daniel Hull to - Margaret, relict of George Thomson & eldest
daughter of the late Rev John boag, Blackburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland"

Jackson,McLaurin,23-Mar-1875,2-April-1875,"At Glenaray, Verulam, by special
licence","Alfred Charles Jackson of Durban, son of the lat Rev D Jackson of
Louth, Lincolnshire to - Agnes Mary only daughter of Mr John McLaurin of
Glenaray, Verulam"

Jones,Hodge,18-Feb-1875,23-Feb-1875,"At Christ Church, Addington by the Ven
Archdeacon Lloyd assisted by the Rev T F Eastwood","James Whitmore Jones of
Durban to - Susan Maria second daughter of Mr W Hodge, Pilot, Port Natal"

Jones,Jackson,1-Sep-1875,10-Sep-1875,"At the residence of the bride's father
at Stanger by the Rev D Rood, Incumbent, Umvoti","H W Jones Esq. District
Surgeon, tugela division, youngest son of the Rev W Jones, Rector of
Llanenddwyn Merionethshire, Wales to - Sarah Sophia second eldest daughter
of W G Jackson Esq. Resident Magistrate, Tugela division"

Kember,Welch,27-Sep-1875,1-Oct-1875,"At Gowan Cottage, Smith Street, Durban
by the Rev John Buchanan","Mr William Kemver, Heidelberg District,
Transvaal - to Margaret Jane daughter of Andrew Welch of Durban"

Kirby,Badger,11-Mar-1875,12-Mar-1875,At the same time and place as the
above,"Henry Edward Kirby of Riet Vley, Umvoti to - Sarah ann second
daughter of the late Mr Johnathan Badger"

Last,Cowley,11-Feb-1875,16-Feb-1875,"At the Baptist chapel, Durban by the
Rev Z Robinson","Arthur William Last to - Mary third daughter of Mr Robert
Cowley of Fairford, in the county of Gloucester, England"

Lee,Stretch,10-May-1875,1-June-1875,"At the residence of the bride's father.
Beauville Biggarsberg, by the Rev John Dohne",Henry Lee to - Maria Elizabeth
Stretch both of Biggarsberg

Lumsden,Barker,20-May-1875,28-May-1875,"At St Cyprians Church, durban by
special licence by the Rev Mr Goodwin","David Lumsden to - Agnes Julia,
third daughter of Mr J W Barker of Mount Pleasant, St. Helena"

Markham,Ray,1-July-1875,6-July-1875,"At St Mathias in the parish of Durban,
by the Rev James H Taylor","The Rev Benjamin Markham assistant Curate of St
Saviours Cathedral, PMBurg to - Rachel T Ray fifth daughter of the late Rev
richard Ray pf Ashton Villa, Elgin Park, Redland, Bristol england"

McDonald,Dalton,6-Jan-1875,19-Jan-1875,At the residence of the brides
father,"James Edwin, eldest son of Mr. C McDonald Congella to - Louisa Maria
second daughter of Mr G J Dalton of Durban"

Mitchell,Clark,20-Feb-1875,23-Feb-1875,"At Loop St, PMBurg by the Rev J
Cameron ","George Robert Mitchell (junior) to - Jane second daughter of Mr
John clark of Noodsberg, Natal"

Muirhead,Moss,23-June-1875,29-June-1875,At the residence of the bride by the
Rev W H Milward assisted by the Rev J Smith - A.M.,"John Muirhead,
Hermansburg, county Umvoti to - Martha Jane eldest daughter of the late Mr J
Moss, Foxhill near PMBurg"

Munro,Davie,30-Mar-1875,27-April-1875,"At Preston House, Pinetown, the
residence of the bride's uncle",Mr George Munro to - Selina Jane Davie

Nel,Hansmeyer,16-Mar-1875,23-Mar-1875,"At the residence of the bride's
mother, Burger Street PMBurg",Thennis Jacobus Nel of Umvoti County to -
Johanna Magdalena Aletta Hansmeyer youngest daughter of the late Joseph

Nicholai,Halley,5-Feb-1875,16-Feb-1875,At the Inchanga by the Rev C W
Posselt,C Nicholai (widower to - Harriet Halley (spinster

Oliver,Adler,18-Dec-1875,28-Dec-1875,"At the residence of the bride's
father, Rose Cottage, Verulam by the Rev. Mr Burberry",Isaac Oliver to -
Rose Cassandra third daughter of Mr c Adler

Otto,Van Der Plank,10-Mar-1875,12-Mar-1875,At the Cathedral PMBurg,Mr Otto
to - Miss Van Der Plank

Oxley,Button,28-Oct-1875,9-Nov-1875,"At St Johns Mission, Pondoland,
Kaffraria by the Right Rev Bishop of St Johns D.D.MD. Adopted father of the
bride","Rev John Oxley, Oxland of Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, England
& St Johns Mission to - Jane eliza eldest daughter of the late J button"

Parker,McBride,25-Dec-1875,28-Dec-1875,At the Natal Bank PMBurg by the Rev
John Smith A.M. assisted by the Rev. A Van Velden,Hugh Parker Esq. To -
Jessie second daughter of William McBride Esq. Manufacturer of Glasgow.

Pay,Mason,9-Sep-1875,14-Sep-1875,At the residence of the bride's father by
the Rev James Cameron,Edward R E Pay of durban to - Charlotte Isabella third
daughter of Mr Joseph Mason of PMBurg

Pennington,Forrest,6-May-1875,21-May-1875,"At the residence of the bride's
father Umbilo, by the Rev W H Mann, Congregational Minister","Richard
Pennington to - Catherine, fourth daughter of Mr John Forrest, Umbilo,

Phipson,Giles,15-Sep-1875,21-Sep-1875,"By the Rev John Whalley, minister of
the congregational Church, at the residence of the bride's father","Martin
Frederick Phipson Esq. Of New england in the county of PMBurg to - Sophia
giles, second daughter of John Giles Esq. Of Plessis Laager, in the County
of PMBurg"

Pinchon,McNicol,22-Feb-1875,2-Mar-1875,At Durban by the Ven. Archdeacon
Lloyd,Emanuel Pinchon to - Helen McNicol

Potterill,Bentley,15-July-1875,23-July-1875,At the residence of the bride's
father by the Very Rev the Dean of PMBurg,"J F Potterill to - L S Bentley,
eldest daughter of Mr G Bentley (Bently), Helmsley, Yorkshire"

Pughe,Rose,24-Jan-1875,29-Jan-1875,By special licence at Durban,James Arthur
eldest son of Mr James Pughe to - Alice Jane only daughter of the late Mrs.

Putterill,Roberson,6-Jan-1875,19-Jan-1875,"At the residence of the bride's
Mother, Harrismith by the Rev. W Wynne","James Walter, third son of of Mr
Jams Patterill of Harismith to - Margaret Jane Morris, second daughter of
the late Mr William Robertson of PMBurg, Natal"

Ramsey,Bayley,31-Mar-1875,2-April-1875,By special licence,James Ramsey to -
Eliza Adelaide Bayley both of Durban

Randles,Matterson,23-Mar-1875,30-Mar-1875,By special licence at St Peter's
Cathedral by the Rev J D De La Touche,William Randles of Durban to -
Isabella Mary eldest daughter of Mr G O Matterson of PMBurg

Richmond,Byrne,4-Jan-1875,5-Jan-1875,By special licence at the Roman
Catholic Chapel PMBurg by the Rev J Barret,Mr F G Richmond to - Katherine
Alice second daughter of the late Mr John Byrne of PMBurg

Sandys,De Blanche,21-Sep-1875,1-Oct-1875,"At the residence of the brides
father, by the Rev G Smith","Edwin a Sandys only son of S Sandys of
Eversholt, Beds, England to - Hester Elizabeth De Blanche of Sindeque
Spruit, Little Tugela"

Scriven,Richardson,22-Oct-1874,19-Jan-1875,"At Haddington, Scotland by the
Rev. William Ross","John Scriven. Saltaire, Yorkshire eldest son of the lat
Mr william Scriven of Throstle Nest, near Oatley to - Margaret Walker,
youngest daughter of Mr John Richardson, Solicitor & Banker"

Searle,Wolff,27-April-1875,18-May-1875,"By special licence in the Dutch
Reformed Church Cape Town, by the Rev D Robertson","C H Searle to - H S A
Wolff, niece of Mr F S Berning, Registrar of Deeds & Distributor of Stamps
for the Colony of Natal"

Sell,Lally,24-Aug-1875,3-Sep-1875,"At the residence of the bride's mother,
Umgeni Road, by the Rev. Father Sabon of St Joseph's chapel",Robert Henry
Sell to - Annie Lavinia only daughter of the late Michael Lally

Shears,Boulger,14-Jan-1875,19-Jan-1875,"At St Saviours Cathedral, church St.
PMBurg by the Right Rev the Lord Bishop of PMB","Rev. Ernest Henry Shears
B.A. of St Johns College, Incumbern of Verulam & tongaat to - Mary Seawell
third daughter of the late Mr Edward Boulger of Bletchingley, Surrey,

Silver,Bodkin,13-May-1875,13-July-1875,no details,Mr S W Silver (of Messrs
Silver & Co) to Lady Bodkin relict of the late Sir William Bodkin

Smith,Ballard,10-June-1875,15-June-1875,"At St Thomas, Berea by the Ven
Archdeacon Lloyd","Arthur Francis third son of Mr John Smith, Surgeon,
Castle Donnington, Leicestershire, England to - Mary A. third daughter of Mr
H J Ballard of Woolston, England"

Smithers,Campbell,4-Oct-1875,12-Oct-1875,"At St Saviours Cathedral, PMBurg
by the Very Rev Dean Green","William Heaves, second son of the late B J
smithers, Cape Town to Clara Lucy, only daughter of Mr P Campbell "

Smitt/Smith,Raw,13/15-Jan-1875,19-Jan-1875,"At ST Saviours Cathedral PMBurg
by the right Rev, the Bishop of St John's assisted by the Very Rev Dean
Green","Robert C Smitt/Smith only son of George Smitt of Burley Lodge,
Midlothians to - Helen Isabella youngest daughter of Mr James Raw, PMBurg"

Starr,Dalton,9-Dec-1875,17-Dec-1875,At the residence of the bride's father
by the Rev R Stott,"William Starr to - Lauretta third daughter of Mr G J
Dalton of Gardiner Street, Durban"

Stuart,Webster,28-Jan-1875,2-Feb-1875,At PMBurg by special licence by the
Rev J E Carlyle,"Allan Stuart to - Elizabeth Jane, eldest daughter of Mr
Joseph Webster"

Sturrock,Clark,7-July-1875,3-Aug-1875,"At Lydenberg, Transvaal Republic, by
the Rev J Thorn, Church of England","J T Sturrock, Diamond fields to - Betha
eldest daughter of Sergt. W Clark late of Natal"

Thomson,Fleming,21-April-1875,2-May-1875,By the Rev J Smith,James Boag
Rhomson to - Elizabeth Harriot second daughter of Mr John Fleming

Tipper,Hodge,18-Feb-1875,23-Feb-1875,"At Christ Church, Addington by the Ven
Archdeacon Lloyd assisted by the Rev T F Eastwood","Alfred Ripper of
Ladysmith to - Mary Emma third daughter of Mr W Hodge, Pilot, Port Natal"

Travers,Inglis,24-June-1875,10-Aug-1875,"At St Stephens, Paddington by the
Rev T J Rowsell","Benjamin, eldest son of the late Benjamin Travers F.R.C.S.
of Dover Street, Piccadilly to - Henrietta Alice daughter of the lat Harry
Inglis Esq. Sythet, East Indies"

Trenance,Saunders,2-Sep-1875,14-Sep-1875,"At St John's The Baptist,
Victoria, by the Venerable Archdeacon Lloyd","Courtney, second son of
Michael Acutt Trenance to - Natalie, youngest daughter of J R Saunders Esq.
M.L.C. of Tongaat"

Vincent,Maxted,10-April-1875,21-May-1875,"At the residence of the
bridegroom's mother,",Richard charles Vincent of Umgeni to - Eva Caroline
Maxted of Coedmore

Wakefield,Green,22-Sep-1875,8-Oct-1875,At the residence of the brides father
by the Ven Archdeacon Lloyd,"Albert Wakefield of Durban to - Alice secong
daughter of Thomas Green, Addington "

Wellington,Williamson,6-Nov-1875,19-Nov-1875,"At the Bluff Durban, by the
Rev John Buchanan","Riras Russel Wellington, Pilot, Port Natal to - Eleanor
williamson only daughter of Charles Williamson Esq. Of London"

Winter,Leslie,3-June-1875,11-June-1875,At the residence of the bride's
father by the Rev G Smith,"Henry Daniel Winter fourth son of John E F
Winter, Builder, PMBurg to - Janet Leslie eldest daughter of William Leslie,
Campsee Glen, County of Weenen"

Wolhuter,Nel,16-June-1875,22-June-1875,"At the residence of the bride's
father, Farm Waterfall, County Umvoti by T Shepstone Esq. Resident
magistrate","Paul Michiel Wolhuter, fourth son of Mr F M Wolhuter of PMBurg
to - Hester Antoinetta Nel eldest daughter of Mr L J Nel of Waterfall
county, Umvoti"

Woodley,Jones,2-Mar-1875,12-Mar-1875,By special licence,"William Woodley of
PMBurg to - Lizzie Anabella Florence Jones. Daughter of Mr W H Jones, Hotel
Keeper, Harrismith, Orange Free State"

Woods,Chatterton,12-Oct-1875,15-Oct-1875,By special licence at the residence
of the bride's father by the Rev. W H Milward,Theodore Woods Esq. To - Sarah
Ann fourth daughter of Mr H Chatterton both of PMBurg

Wright,Fowlds,26-Aug-1875,3-Sep-1875,"At St Mathews church, Estcourt, by the
Rev George Smith. Incumbent",David Connoly Wright to - Ada Fowlds

Wynne,Salmon,5-May-1875,11-May-1875,At Durban by special licence by the Rev
Z Robinson assisted by the Rev Ralph Stott,"The Rev William Wynne, the
parsonage, Harrismith, Orange Free State to - Emilie third daughter of Mr
George Salmon, East End Durban. Formerley of St John's Wood, London,

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