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Subject: [ZA-IB] Goldswain/Tarr/Timm/Hartley
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 18:15:14 +1300

Sent this through before we dropped out.....

>From Historic & Descriptive Review of Bathurst - C E Hilligan (1952)
The Wesleyan Chapel was officially opened on 9/5/1832 and it has served as a place of worship ever since. During the Frontier War of 1846 it was used as a fort, thus giving physical protection as well as spiritual comfort to many. There is in this Chapel a very old bible which was the property of Jeremiah GOLDSWAIN (1820 Settler). This was presented to the Chapel by his great-granddaughter, Miss Ethel Austin, during March 1950.

In the Vestry there is also a beautifully framed illuminated address dated February 1918, which was presented to Mrs Amos TIMM
(a daughter of Thomas HARTLEY, on of the origianal settlers) as a token of appreciation of untiring devotion to the Church, not merely as organist, but in every department of the Church's life and work for over 60 years. Actually, Mrs Amos TIMM officiated as organist for 68 years. This is probably a world record. Miss Mabel TARR, a niece of the former, took over from Mrs TIMM when,
owing to old age, she could no longer carry on. Miss TARR officiated for 25 years.

One of the most notable characters in Bathurst during the years 1820-1846 was Jeremiah GOLDSWAIN who appears to have played a leading part in enforcing law and order in many respects. He had to deal with traffickers in guns and gunpowder between the Cape and Kaffirland, with deserters from the Army, recapture stolen cattle... His son Charles was treacherously killed by Africans near the
"Mansfield", Bathurst on 8/9/1851.

In his chronicle, he (Jeremiah) records that on 18/2/1852 he bought Widow HARTLEY's hotel for Mr Samuel McARTHUR.
The Bathurst Hotel was known in the early days as the 'Bathurst Inn', owned by Mr Thomas HARTLEY and at his death his widow assumed control, when it was known as "Widow Hartley's Inn". An advertisement appearing in the Grahamstown Journal dated
20/2/1852 announces "that Mr McArthur is now the proprietor of the long established inn in Bathurst, "The Richmond of Albany". The Inn is to be reopened on 1st April."
It is believed that the Inn referred to above is the oldest in the Eastern Province and that the original licence issued, which was by
royal charter, is in the Archives.......

Can anyone tell me who Mabel's parents were??
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