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Subject: Re: [ZA-IB] Rowan brick wall....
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 17:41:02 +0200
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Hi Andy,
I think Steynsdorfe could probably be Stenysdorp and the KOMATI river runs
it's course very near to Steynsdorp. The story of Steynsdorp and its rise
and fall is strange ....
In July 1885 two prospectors, Frank AUSTIN and Jim PAINTER worked their
way through the valley. They found traces of gold down the entire course
of the stream. Somewhere in the middle reaches they thought they had
discovered payable deposits. They pegged claims and a rush of prospectors
ensued after the news leaked out. By April 1886, what was first known as
Painter's Camps was the centre for a considerable gathering of prospectors.
Gold was certainly present in the area. Painters Camp was renamed in honour
of Commandant J P Steyn who visited the diggings on 21 February 1887 and
Steynsdorp was laid out as a town.

It grew at a phenomenal rate, with about 3000 diggers using it as a supply
source and drinking centre. Canteens, grog-shops, so-called hotes and other
places of accommodation were more numerous than anything else. Upon viewing
the mounds in the grass today, it is difficult to imagine DUPRATS Royal
Hotel, BREMERS Store, FULLERTONS Store, SHERIFFS Store, the government
offices, banks, or the office of the local newspaper The Observer.

All that remains of the several hundred hopeful little mines and the
thousands of claims are the half-healed scars of adits, shafts and
cross-cuts. The reef which proved so hard to find and so deceptive to those
who did discover them, but which were famous in their day - the INGWENYA,
forgotten. From : T V Bulpin's " Discovering Southern Africa".

Whether this is place is connected to your Kemati Gold Mine - Styensdorf,
Pretoria or not, I am not sure.

Cindy Binks

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Subject: [ZA-IB] Rowan brick wall....

> Hi all,
> Further to my previous investigations into my gggrandfather
Alexander Rowan I have now come across more information (another brick from
the wall has been removed...) on his whereabouts.
> According to records Alexander maintains he was a manager of a gold field
in South Africa, I have recently discovered that he was at Kemati Gold
Fields, Steynsdorfe, Pretoria from early 1883 til 1890 when he returned to
> Could anyone give me any information on this gold field? or the area
> I have tried Google etc to no avail.
> Many thanks
> Andy
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