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From: Sue Mackay <>
Subject: [ZA-IB] Settler Correspondence - George PIGOT
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 13:49:39 +0100 (BST)

Transcribed by Brian Harty from CO48/45 at the
National Archives in Kew, London

near Newbury, Berks.
Aug 1st 1819
My Lord,
As it is my wish to embark some property in this
cultivation of an estate at the Cape of Good Hope, I
beg to offer myself for your consideration, to
undertake the charge of a body of immigrants desirous
of settling there. From my habits and rank in life,
(having been in the army thirty years, during which
time I had an opportunity of informing myself of the
different systems of agriculture in various climates,
and from my having been a practical farmer fifteen
years, in Staffordshire and Berkshire) I feel myself
qualified to undertake the enterprise, as well as to
render myself useful to the Government, in any way
they may think fit to employ me. I do not mention this
with a view of emoluments, salary is no object, but I
am aware a person of education would feel very
awkwardly situated as an emigrant without some
authority under Government.
Should my first proposition meet your approbation, you
will oblige me by a communication, and should you be
able to place me in any situation where I am under
myself useful, and at the same time respected by the
settler, you will very much oblige.
Your most obed’t very humble serv’t

PS. not having the honor of being known to your
Lordship, I beg to refer to the members for the
counties of Stafford and Berks, or should there be any
security required on my part I can procure it.

Newbury, Berks.
Aug 7th 1819
In answer to yours of the 5th, I beg to inform you
that it is my wish to take out to the Cape 20 or 30
families, or more if I can get them. You will oblige
me by informing me if a few Carpenters and Blacksmiths
will be allowed to go with the settlers, and in which
proportion. I shall likewise be thankful if you will
inform me on what scale other persons have offered to
take with settlers, and what ranks in life or business
they are in, as I can form a much better judgment what
to do when I know what others do.
I am Sir,
Your most obed’t very humble serv’t

PS. will any tonnage be allowed to carry out
implements of husbandry and to what extent.

Newbury, Berks.
Aug 11th 1819
I have been favored with your printed letter of the
9th in answer to which I beg to state I perfectly
understand the terms of the circular letter and agree
to them, and your last communication is perfectly
satisfactory, we being allowed to carry out a moderate
supply of agricultural implements. I feel confident
of procuring twenty families to accompany me, and
perhaps more, if I may afterward make an augmentation,
as the time fast approaches for the transport sailing.
I should feel obliged by as early a communication as
possible if I am permitted to go, and I trust from my
qualifications, and length of service in the Army, I
shall be acceptable. Should it be necessary I will
wait on you in town, and make my deposit immediately
on your reply.
I have the honour to be Sir,
Your most obed’t serv’t

Newbury, Berks.
Aug 24th 1819
On the other side is the list of persons desirous of
going with me to the new settlement at the Cape of
Good Hope, and whom I engage to carry out, and support
in conformity with the wishes of His Majesty’s
Government. As I am prepared in every respect, I hope
I shall be allowed to go with the first division.
I have the honour to be Sir,
Your most obed’t humble serv’t

A current list of the persons desirous of going to the
Cape of Good Hope with Mr. George PIGOT of Chievely in
the county of Berks.

WomenChildren above 14 yearsChildren under 14
1George PIGOT2
2Wm COMLEYWife11
3John POVEYWife11
4Wm. GIBBSWife5
5Henry BROOKSWife13
6Joseph WINTINWife2
7John GRUNDYWife12
8John POVEY JuniorWife
9Henry SMITHWife
11John WARNARDSingle
13John PEWZEYdo
14Thos. TAYLORdo
15George PIPERdo
16Morris PIPERdo
17Wm. HOLDENdo
18Thos. HOBSONdo
19James HISCOCKdo

Total Men - 20 Women - 10 Children above fourteen
years - 8 Children under fourteen years - 12

Near Newbury, Berks.
Aug 27th 1819
As it is possible my address may not have been clearly
stated in my last communication, I take the liberty of
enclosing it as above, and I shall take it as a
particular favour, to be allowed to proceed with the
first division of settlers to the Cape of Good Hope.
I have the honour to be Sir,
Your most obed’t humble serv’t

[to Charles DUNDASS, MP for Berkshire 1794-1832]
Nr Newbury, Berks.
Tuesday 31st Aug 27th
You of course know Government are taking out settlers
free of expense to the Cape of Good Hope, there are at
least 50,000 have offered to go, and that money
granted by Parliament will not take out more than
5,000, it therefore becomes a matter [of] favor to get
leave to be of the party. I have sent in my name with
20 labourers, 10 women & 22 children, and you will
oblige me very much by writing to Lord BATHURST to
request myself and party may go by the first division,
as we are all ready.
You know ours is a very populous village and the poor
rates very high, it is therefore the wish of all the
Parish, that I may succeed in my application, all this
you may state, and I conceive Government can have no
objection personally to me as I have always been an
agriculturist and from my rank in life should suppose
that I must more than come within the description of
persons they will be able to select. Should you think
it advisable, you may mention my service in the Army,
30 years, and that I am ready to take any command of a
militia, or any other force, that it may be found
necessary to form in the new settlement to protect
them against the Caffirs. I see by the paper of today
that none of the applicants have as yet received
answers, therefore if you will have the goodness to
write by this night’s post, it will be sure to be in
time, should I go, I will see you before I quit old
England forever, believe me.
Yours very sincerely & truly

Chievely, Newbury, Berks
Sep 10th 1819
I hope I shall not be considered troublesome, but as
it is about a fortnight since I sent in my list of
persons desirous of emigrating with me to the Cape of
Good Hope, which list you were kind enough to say was
under consideration, and as the poor people are very
anxious to know Earl BATHURST’s determination wishing
to settle many of their family concerns before they
go, you will oblige me by a communication. I am well
aware of the difficulty of selection when there are so
many applicants, but I hope and trust my rank in life
and length of service in the Army will insure my being
considered eligible for the undertaking, more
particularly so as the Parish (of Chievely) from which
I have selected most of the persons to accompany me is
over burdened with poor, and who are literally in a
starving state.
I have the honour to be Sir,
Your most obed’t humble serv’t

Oct 11th 1819
I herewith send the list of persons proceeding under
my direction to the Cape of Good Hope. The square at
the top I was at a loss to know how to fill up, have
therefore put the number of able bodied men or
families specified in the list.
I have the honour to be Sir,
Your most obed’t humble serv’t

11 Percy Street
Nov 19th 1819
I fear I must have misunderstood an answer Mr. PENN
gave me to a question wether if any of my party of
settlers declined going, I may substitute others,
provided they were of the same age and occupation.
The case has occurred in my party more than once, and
as I am given to understand by Capt YOUNG at Deptford
that he cannot permit persons of another name to be
substituted without your direction, I have to request
as a favour that I may be permitted to correct my
list, it being entirely a misconception on my part and
I should be obliged to leave behind me my two
Carpenters, which would entirely destroy the success
of my undertaking.
I have the honour to be Sir,
Your most obed’t humble serv’t

Northampton Transport
Dec 25th 1819
As I have been informed Mr PARKER has succeeded in his
application for his party of settlers to be located on
the Knysna instead of Algoa Bay, and as the former is
the place of all others where I should like to have my
grant of lands, I take the liberty of requesting the
favour of Earl BATHURST’s permission and orders for
myself and party to proceed to that port.
I have the honour to be Sir,
Your most obed’t humble serv’t

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