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From: Sue Mackay <>
Subject: [ZA-IB] Settler Correspondence - J. WEIGHTMAN
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 11:38:19 +0000 (GMT)

Transcribed from CO48/46 at the national Archives in
Kew, London

Interesting that grammar and obsequiousness go out of
the window once he gets really angry!


No.9 Market Street
Boro Road
23rd August 1819
Having sent in the names of ten persons who wish to
proceed to the Cape of Good Hope on the 14th inst who
are ready to make the deposit according to the form &
regulations required by His Majesty’s Government,
having since seen a printed circular that the names &
ages of all persons women and children are to be
inserted I beg leave to address you again on the
subject inclosing the names ages & residence & that
they are willing to subscribe to the form &
regulations proposed by His Majesty’s Government
hoping that as soon as consequent they may be favor’d
with an answer as they are at present out of employ &
would wish to be at some certainty before they begin
to prepare.
I am Sir
Your most obed’t serv’t

1 J. WEIGHTMAN 40 years, Mary his wife 41 years, Mary
Ann Daughter 13 years
2 Thos. KIMBER 25 years, Eliz. his wife 25 years,
Eliz. Child 20 months – Blackheath
3 John Henry PRIOR 45 years at Mr.STEPHENSON’s St
John Street, Islington Road
4 Wm.BOYDEN 24 years, Sophia his wife 24 years,
Richard his child 6 months at Red Cross,
5 John PRATT 24 years, Mary his wife 27 years,
[Ince?] Inn Court, Red Cross Street
6 Timothy DEVINE 33 years, Helena his wife 30, four
children viz. John 11 Bridget 6 Jeremiah 4
& Catherine 2 years of age at Willow [Court]
Seward Street
7 Joseph [TASCH?] 33 years, Eliz. his wife 33 years,
george his son 5 years at King & Queen,
Foley Street
8 Geo. [NOBLOCK?] 25 years, Ann his wife 25 years,
george his son 2 years - Whitechapel
9 Wm. DAY 29 years, No.2 White Rose Alley, White
Cross Street
10 Jesse PAXTON 39 years, Sarah his wife 39, six
children viz. William 13 Charles 11 George [age
obscured] Henry 6 Elizabeth 4 & David 2 years –
Batemans Row, Shoreditch

[note attached]
J. WEIGHTMAN removed from No.9 Market Street Boro Road
to 79 Long Lane, West Smithfield

No.79 Long Lane
West Smithfield
6th October 1819
Having sent in proposals to go to the Cape of Good
Hope as long back as the 20th July last it is with
great concern I hear that the letters of acceptance
are out & I have had no notice taken of my
application. It will be a serious injury to me as I
have been all that time out of employ waiting in
anxious expectation of having my proposals accepted. I
have carried on business as a Master Carpenter for
some eighteen years but from many losses in trade have
been obliged to give up my career & should I not
succeed now it will be the ruin of all my future
prospects in life. The persons that I had engaged to
go with me are similarly circumstanced & a refusall
will be a dreadful blow to us all this [obscured] In
hopes Sir of a favourable answer to this
I am Sir your most obed’t serv’t

No.79 Long Lane
West Smithfield
10th October 1819
I was much surprized on reading a notice on Wednesday
that my proposals were not accepted after I had for
near three months made application & stated that I was
ready to conform to all the rules & regulations laid
down by His Majesty’s Government. They was the
proposals I made & they are the proposals you do not
think it advisable to comply with. If they was wrong
it would have been but an act of Justice to have
informed me when my letter of the 23rd August was
answered. I stated then we was out of employ & would
wish to be at some certainty. Surely my Lord it would
have been an act of Charity to have informed us six
weeks ago that we would not be accepted. Now others
has been & are making a sale of it at Five Pounds per
pers’n for every one that choose to go as a free
settler with him. I can bring proof of what I have
asserted. My Lord I am an unfortunate tradesman having
been a housekeeper for eighteen years paying all taxes
to His Majesty’s Government. Income tax I have been
subject to pay when my losses was double my income and
during the War I was used as a Volunteer at my own
expence in the Bloomsbury & {Sons of Court?]
Association. Surely my Lord now I am reduced I have as
much claim as those Gentlemen can have that are making
a profit.
I am my Lord
Your Lordship’s obed’t humble serv’t

[Transcriber’s Note: There does not appear to be a
trace of an application prior to his letter of the
23rd August which he claims to have made]

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