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From: "Tombi Peck" <>
Subject: Re: [ZA-IB] Hart Family
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 18:18:00 +0100
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Hi Gary,
I was entering information into Rootsmagic yesterday and found that it was Jabez HART and Emma HEWSON'S daughter, Elizabeth was the one who was married to George TIBBATTS...this information came to me from her Death Notice sent to me on a disc from Happy Engela in August last year:

6/9/251 F1931
Name of Deceased: Elizabeth Hart
Birthplace: Grahamstown
Names of Parents of Deceased: Father?
Mother Emma Hart
Age of Deceased 42 years
Condition in Life Farmer's wife
Name of Surviving Spouse. Geo. Tibbatts
Date of Death 19 November 1887
Place of Death: Lady Grey
Names of Children and whether Major or Minor:
Nellie Jane
William Thomas
All minors
Whether deceased has left any property, and of what kind. Movable & Immovable
Has deceased left a Will?
Signed. Geo. Tibbatts.
I hope you will agree that that seems to sort out that little mystery.
Tombi Peck
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From: Gary Hart
To: Tombi Peck
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 9:57 PM
Subject: Re: Hart Family

Hello Tombi,

Great to hear from you!

First of all it is great to see another person obviously quite keen on researching his/her family tree.
At the moment I am out of the research phase and have put the family history at the back burner for the moment. I have basically found out what I need and yes I could perhaps take it a bit further, but I think all in good time and I shall let some other people play a bit of catch up.
The Hart Family History in South Africa is fascinating and anyone that can say they are related to the great Robert Hart of Glen Avon should be very proud of their heritage. I am however related to the two Hart brothers, Stephen and Edwin Hart that came to South Africa in the 1840's, married two local girls and had huge families which in turn had huge families etc, most of which settled in the Cape, but some of Edwin's children did go to the Eastern Cape. Not sure how many, but I do know of a Edward Hart that married a Nosworthy or was it his children, not caring to look now into my records. Brian Wells in PE has more on that family as he is a direct descendent of those Hart's from his grandmother's side.

I have included a few things I found in storage on my Harddrive that I have for James Hart, son of The Robert Hart.

As far as Jabez Hart is concerned. He was one of the Hart's I researched, but not related.
It would be interesting to know a bit more about Emma Hart's history which would conclude my work on that front.
If you don't mind me asking for Emma Hewson's birth date, marriages and children, basically anything you may have on her.
I am about to turn in now, but I will scratch around my records and see what else I have. There is the pictures I took of the court case of Emma Hart I could send, but more of that for tomorrow or the next day.

Chat soon.

Kind Regards,
Gary Hart
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From: Tombi Peck
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 3:26 PM
Subject: Hart Family

Hi Gary,
I understand you are doing a wonderful job on the Hart file...I was grateful to receive the information on Emma Beale born Hewson today...she was my great great great grandmother....I have a golden muff chain of hers passed down from my mother's aunt Amy Maysel BROWNE who inherited it from her mother Jessie Anne KIDWELL.. Aunt Mayna gave it to me when I was 2. Unfortunately it's broken in a number of places...I really should get it of these days.
I'm a descended from Robert HART through his second son, James (I'm dying to get the files on his murder trial etc.) I only heard about that a couple of months ago....quite fascinating....I was fortunately descended from his Dutch wife, Maria Susanna Wilhelmina Van AARDT who as far as I can see died probably from childbirth! I was sorry to learn (after I'd left the area) that the VAN AARDT family are still on the same farm they occupied when James married Maria...their farm is 'Goede Hoop' which is about 12 miles from 'Glen Avon'.
I'm slightly frustrated at the moment as Ruth Levine has been promising to send more information about the Harts she has been researching in Scotland (she lives just 12 miles from where our proginator was born) least we now know his father was not a soldier but a weaver named James!.....going back through another few James before we get to the head of the line who was a Robert!
Are you in touch with Robert Hart BROWNE who lives in Durban....He's another descendant...he hasn't been much help in discovering more information on the family as he was only 2 when his father Arthur Hart BROWNE died....
When I think how little I knew about the family just 5 years ago when I started family history research!!

Robert Hart Hannah Tamplin
James Hart Maria Susanna Wilhelmina Van Aardt
Maria Susanna 'Wilhelmina' HART Herbert Howard BROWNE
Herbert Howard BROWNE Jessie Anne KIDWELL
Robert Hart BROWNE Chloris Ilva Hope Lockington TAINTON
Chloris Barbara Tainton BROWNE Ralph Andrew Irwin DEES
Chloris Mary Irwin DEES me (Tombi Peck)

It appears that Arthur Hart BROWNE may have had two completely separate families...there is no hint of this in our family ledgends but I've been contacted by a Richard CHESTER-BROWNE who lives here in the U.K. He maintains Arthur had a wife and numerous children....his first (?) wife returned to England with her children.
I thought at first that he would be related to Hazel Howard BROWNE who married her cousin Guy Chester BROWNE. Many of their descendants have started using CHESTER-BROWNE as their surname....some of them are incredible Bible Bashers who live in America....a VERY ODD sounding bunch!!!
I'm going up to Northumberland later today or very early tomorrow to do research on my father's side of the family.
Best wishes,
Tombi Peck.

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