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From: "Sue Mackay" <>
Subject: [ZA-IB] Extracts from the South African Commercial Advertiser March1834
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007 11:02:19 +0100

Transcribed from CO53/3 at the National Archives in Kew, London

Saturday 1 March 1834

The undersigned notifies to the public that on the night of the 25th instant
he was robbed of his cash box, containing several papers, amongst which was
an Acceptance of Captain Albert SWAIN, drawn by T.B.WOOLS Esq, in favor of
the undersigned, for the sum of two hundred pounds sterling. Should the same
be presented for negotiation it is requested that it may be stopped, and the
parties detained.
Cape Town 26th February 1834

In the English Church Cape Town on Tuesday Feb 27 by the Rev G Hough MA,
Senior Colonial Chaplain:
A daughter of Mr. W.J. MACKRILL baptised Cornelia Frederica.
At Sans Souci on Sunday Feb 23 by the Rev Edward Judge MA, Acting Chaplain
at Wynberg:
A son of the Hon Mr Justice William MENZIES, baptised William.

Wednesday 5 March 1834

Two journeymen tinplate workers, to whom constant employment and good wages
will be given.
J. FELL & Son
No.8 Burg-street
NB genuine spermaceti and other lamp oils for sale.

Part of the premises of Mr. J.P. DE VILLIERS (of Garden "Werkerslust" Cape
Town) near to Stellenbosch was consumed by fire last week. The fire broke
out in the wine-store and the damage is estimated at nearly 10,000 Rds. We
regret to learn that the property was not insured.

Begs to inform her friends and the public that she will commence tomorrow at
No.7 Keizersgracht as haberdasher, Hosier &c, where she trusts, by attention
and perseverance, to be favored with that patronage, in her new business,
she has always so liberally received in the Millinery and Dress-making.
J.D. has on sale a few choice morning and evening dresses lately arrived
from France; also some very handsome gauze scarfs and shawls, a part of the
same investment.
Ladies' fancy worked collars, ditto habit shirts, morning and dress caps;
gentlemen's neck and pocket silk handkerchiefs, and a variety of articles
too numerous to mention.
March 4 1834.
NB J.D. will be happy to receive orders in the Millinery and Dress
Businesses as usual.

Saturday 8 March 1834

On a lease of seven years, or such other period as may be agreed upon.
That eligible and fertile farm called Riet Valley, situate in the Cape
District, about 12 miles from Cape Town, at present occupied by the Widow
Entry may be had on the 1st April next.
For terms apply at the office of Messrs DICKSON, BURNIES & Co or Mr. Alex.
HUTCHINSON, Attorney, St.George's-street, cape Town.

Feb 26: Mr. Andrew MELDRAM, aged 33 years.
March 4: Mr. Thomas CROWCHER, aged 74 years 10 months and 4 days.

Wednesday 12 March 1834

In the Dutch Reformed Church on Sunday 9th March 1834 by the Rev J.H. Von
Manger VDM, a son of Andries DE SMIDT Esquire, baptised John.
On the same day in the English Church by the Rev G Hough MA, Senior Colonial
A daughter of Harry HORNE Esquire, baptised Elizabeth Mary.

DEATH on the 10th instant, Mr. W.F. VENABLES, aged 57 years.

We are requested to interest the benevolent feelings of the public in behalf
of the six orphan children of the late Mr. Joseph TAYTASAC of the Customs
Department, who are left in a state of destitution. Subscriptions will be
received at the bank and by the publishing clerk of this paper.

In the English Church Cape Town on Sunday March 9 by the Rev G Hough MA,
Senior Colonial Chaplain:
A daughter of Mr. H.R. HORNE baptised Elizabeth Mary.
A daughter of Mr. E.L. KIFT baptised Mehetabel Josephine.
A son of Mr. J.R. BATHIE bapt. Robert Thomas Werner.

March 9: Mr, Joseph TAYTASAC, aged 45 years.

Saturday 15 March 1834

DEATH on the 9th May inst, Mary, the wife of W. CARSTAIRS Esq, Staff
Surgeon, Poona, aged 25 years.

To the Medical Profession
Mr. TREDGOLD begs to inform his medical friends and the public that he has
just received a considerable supply of vastly superior India Leeches, which
are now for sale at his Dispensary, No.93 Long-street. Mr. T avails himself
of this opportunity of notifying that with investments lately from England
he has received a variety of English Patent Medicines, some superior medical
and chemical preparations &c.

March 10: William Ferrar VENABLES Esq, aged 57 years.

Wednesday 19 March 1834

BIRTH on Tuesday the 11th instant, the lady of G.L. PRENDERGAST Esq, Madras
Civil Service, of a son.

BIRTH on the 18th March 1834, the lady of Mr. Advocate DE WET LLD of a

MARRIED by the Rev J H Von Manger on Monday the 17th instant, Mr. S. GIRD to

In the English Church Cape Town on Sunday March 16 by the Rev G Hough MA,
Senior Colonial Chaplain:
A daughter of Mr. D. PAGE baptised Susan Anne.
A daughter of Mr. L. ARMSTRONG baptised Fanny.
A daughter of Mr. B. BOND baptised Jane Charlotte.

March 12: William Henry BEALE, seaman, aged 30 years.
March 15: John WEATHERSON, seaman, aged 28 years
March 16: A son of Mr. J. JOBSON, named William, aged 25 days.

Saturday 22 March 1834

BIRTH at Wynberg on the 19th inst, the lady of James CAREY Esq of a son.

Tailor from London
No.1 Grave-street, corner of Keizersgracht
Returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the public in general for the
kind patronage he has received since his commencement, and hopes by constant
attention and moderate prices to merit a continuance of those favors which
have already crowned his exertions.
Good superfine black and blur dress coat35 Rds
Very best do.45 Rds
Do black and drab beaver hats14 Rds
Trousers, jackets and waistcoats at equally reduced prices.

Wednesday 26 March 1834

BIRTH on Tuesday 25th instant, Mrs, TREDGOLD of a daughter.

In the English Church Cape Town on Sunday March 23 by the Rev G Hough MA,
Senior Colonial Chaplain:
A son of Mr. H. WRIGHT baptised James Henry.
A son of Mr. R. SHEARER baptised William Ferries.

March 22: George JONES Esq, Major 32nd Regt Madras Native Infantry, aged 49
March 22: William Henry LOW Esquire, aged 38 years.

Saturday 29 March 1834

In St.Andrew's Church on Thursday March 13, a daughter of Mr. G. HUDD bapt.
Amelia Jane Shelly.

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