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From: "Sue Mackay" <>
Subject: [ZA-IB] Supplement to SA Commercial Advertiser August 1830 - OrphanChamber J-M
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 00:38:08 -0000

Kindly transcribed by Lynn McLeod from CO53/2 at the National Archives in
Kew. The formatting goes haywire in these plain text postings, but the whole
file will shortly be on line at Meanwhile the
surnames are in capitals to alert people to whether it is worth looking at
the full listing. I have removed the amounts paid, as that is chiefly what
was affecting the formatting. If anyone finds an ancestor, contact me
privately on for the full table as a Word document or
wait a few days and look at the file on line. Especial thanks to Lynn for
tackling two closely typed pages of newsprint and thereby freeing me to get
on with the other transcriptions. Note that names are not alphabetical
within each letter of the alphabet.

JANSSEN, Barend's dr. the three children of the late Mario, procreated in
Wedlock by Johannes VAN SOEST
The seven children of the late Ann Francina, procreated in wedlock
by [Leo Christoffer] ESTERHUYSEN, sen, * [best guess as paper
ISRAEL, Jan Fredrik's son, David
JONKER, Jacobus
Maria Barendina, married to Wessel VOSLOO, Andries' son - Johanna
Aletta, married to Albert VAN EEDEN - Martha Magdalena - Jacoba
Elisabeth, each
JOURDAAN, Anna, married to Franscois DU TOIT - Elisabeth, widow of Andries
Frans' son, Louis Jacobus - Stephanus Petrus - Anna Maria -
Catharina Francina
JACOBSZ, Gerhardus Nicolas son, Jan
JURGENS, Frans' son, Marthinus
Roelof - Rosina, dr.,
JAGER, Elizabeth de, married to Adriaan VAN WYK - Maria Margaretha de,
Married to Matthys VAN TONDEREN - Johannes Petrus de, each
Hermina de - Clara Johanna de - Matthys Godlieb de,
JAARSVELD, Godlieb van
JANSSEN, Maria Johanna, married to Jacobus HEYNS - Anna Sophia, married to
Johan Hendrik REYNERT - Willems' son, Dirk Wilhelmus,
Dr. Helena Petronella - Abigael Wilhelmina - son, Carl Gerhardus -
Willem Petrus,
JAGER, Isabella de, married to Jacobus Fredrik VAN STADEN
Fortunatus de - Sara Rebekka de, married to Christiaan BOSSERT
JACOBSZ, Gerhardus Nicolas son, Paul - Rynhard - dr. Anna Catharina, married
To Johannes MICHO - son, Johan Jurgen - Gerhardus Nicolas - Willem,
Dr. Catharina - son, Douwe Gerbrand,
JOUBERT, Cornelia VILJOEN, widow of Josua
Josua Francois
JOURDAAN, Christoffel Johannes Petrus
JANSZEN, Coenraad Jacobus - Isabella Anna, married to Jan Carel MULLER,
JOOSTEN, Magdalena Maria, married to Albert SNYMAN
JOUBERT, Margaretha Elizabeth, married to David Johannes JOUBERT, Willem's
JOOSTEN, Frans son, Anna Cornelia Wilhelmina JOOSTEN, widow of Jacobus

KEYTER, Pauls dr. Anna Barbara
Johan Hendrik Coenraad - Johanna Elizabeth, each
KOEN, Andries Petrus
KERVEL, Alexander dr., Alexandrina Henrietta van
Aletta Margaretha van, married to J.C. METZLER
KAAP, Pieter van de
KRYNOUW, Johanna Susanna, married to Pieter MARAIS
KNOETSEN, Gerrits dr. Anna Maria
KOEKEMOER, Joachim's son, Diederik Johannes
Dr. Catharina Joachima, married to Jan Adriaan VENTER
Diederik dr. Maria Christina - son, Diederik Johannes - Gerrit
Jacobus - Abraham - Joachim Zacharias - Johannes Christoffel, each
KOEKEMOER, Diederik, senior's son, Godlieb Rudolph
KARSTENS, Joh. Her. Dr. Eliz. Louisa, married to Jurgen Walfgang KOTZEE -
Louisa Catharina, each
Maria Catharina, married to Nicholas Willem LOUBSCHER - Levina Johanna
Jacomina, each
Theunis Hermanus
KOELEKE, Hermanus
KOCK, Gideon Jacobus - Cath. Regina, each
KOOKER, Maria Sibella SWANEPOEL, widow of Theodorus de
KOCK, Aletta HEYNS, widow of Cornelis
KEYZER, Maria Johanna DE BRUYN, widow of Gerhard Jacob
KOCK, Johannes Jacobus - Regina - Johanna Jacomina - Andriana Hermina, each
KARSTEN, Elizabeth Maria Huybrecht
Theunis Hermanus
KRAAYWINKEL, Johannes Adrianus
KEET, Rynier's son, Marthinus - Lucas,
Elizabeth, widow of Jan MOSTERD
Johannes Rynhard
KLYNHANS, Ernst Lodewyk - Hermanus Johannes - Theodorus Bernhardus -
Maria Sophia - Ernest Philip Jacobus - Nicolaas Thomas Johannes,
Gerrit Jacobus Visage
KOTZEE, Johannes Gerhardus Cornelis
Christina - Geertruyda - Johanna - Maria - Margaretha - Catharinia,
Sara - Kaatje - Fytje,
KLAASSEN, Anna Fredrica - Martha Maria, married to Petrus Johannes FERREIRA,

Thos.'s son,
KALMEYER, Hendrik Ludolph
KOLVER, Christina Lochner, widow of Willem
KRAFT, Johan Philip
KLERK, Johanna de, married to Arnoldus GRYLING
Barend Bartholomew de, Andries' son
KEYZER, Johanna Elizabeth CLOETE, widow of Jan Adam
KLAASSEN, Catharina - Johannes - Pieter, each
KOORST, Francina, married to Johannes STEYN
KUUHL, Jan Adolph
KUSTER, Kaje Klaassen
KLAASSEN, Hendrik's dr. Hester Adriana
Dorothea Wilhelmina
KRUGER, Pieter E.'s son, Jacob Johannes
Pieter Ernst - Johannes Ludovicus - Diederck Arnoldus,
KERKEN, Gerhardus van
KOOPMAN, Catharina Margaret, married to Willem LUDEKE
KORTZE, Abel's son, Louis
Anna Maria - Helena Catharina,
KOTZE, Abel's dr., Petronella Aletta
Maria Hillegonda
KLERK, Anna Eliz. OBERHOLSTER, widow of Jacob de
KIRSTEN, Johanna Catharina, married to - BORRIS
KRAFT, George Cornelis
KIRSTEN, Jan F.'s dr. Johanna Catharina
KARNSPEK, Geesje Wilhelmina, deceased, married to Gysbert Jan Carel REITZ -
Engela Maria, married to Ryno Johannes Petrus VAN DER RIET,
Anna Frederica, married to Nicholas Albertus SMITH - Johannes Daniel,

LOMBAART, Joh.'s son Jan
Jonathan - Andries - Gavriel - Magdalena - Martha,
Christina's dr. Sophia Johanna, married to Johannes LAUBSCHER
Daniel Stephanus - Pieter - Andries Benjamin - Jacobus Johannes -
Hendrik, each
LUBBE, Andries' son, Andries
Maria, married to A. MOUTON, jun.'s son
Martha, married to David Fredrik STRAUS
Magdalena, married to Petrus VAN DER MERWE, Peter's son
Jacobus - Barend, each
Willem - Johannes, each
LIEBENBERG, Coenraad Fredrik - Elizabeth Christina, widow of Matthys
Michielsze BASSON - Anna Barbera, married to Lodewyk BOTMA, Steph.s'
son - Maria Johanna married to Johannes DE KLERK [Jacobs' son]
*[best guess as paper folded and sum of money covered]
LOCHNER, Johan George's dr. Regina Eliz.
LUBBE, Maria Jacoba, married to Josias ENGELBRECHT
Barend junior's dr. Martha Magdalena
Paulus Wilhelmus
LATEGAAN, Jan Hendrik - Willem Hermanus - Maria Elizabeth - Petrus Nicholaas

- Beatrix, each
Benjamin Godlieb
LUBBE, Willem
LOTTER, Mattheus' dr. Maria, married to Jan LE ROUX - Jacobus Casparus, each
Gerhardus - Mattheus, each
LAUBSCHER, Hendrica Oostwaldina, married to David GRIFFITH
LUCKE, Geertruyda Christina, married to Johanna FRYLINCK
LABUSCAGNE, Johanna Aletta
LUBBE, Andries - Johanna Catharina, married to Hendrik VAN DER MERWE,
Hendk.'s son, each
LOCHNER, Coenraad Hermanus
LANGERVELD, Martha Petronella, married to Balthasar GERST
LOMBAARD, Susanna Elizabeth, married to Jacobus Hendrik COETZEE
David Benjamin
LOUW, Jacobus' son, Glaudina Johanna
LAURENS, Willem's dr. Aletta Alida
LOUW, Leendert's son, Jacobus Johannes
Gerrit Petrus
LOGEHERENBERG, Nicholaas, van
Theunis, van - Gerbrecht Catharina va, married to GEROTS - Susanna
Sophia van, married to KALTWASSER, each
LAURENS, Willem's son, Willem Jacobus
LINDE, Pieter van der
LAUBSCHER, Johannes son, Hendrik Johannes
LARGE, Elizabeth Jacoba de, married to Pieter BRITS
LASH, Johanna GOUSCH, widow of Jan
LINDE, Susanna Hermina, married to Matthys Gerhs. BEUKES
Sara Johanna, married to Gerrit Hendrik HUMAN
LOMBAARD, Hendrik's son, Christoffel - Hendrik Jacobus Johannes, each
LOGCHERENBERG, Laurens Johannes Henricus
LANDMAN, Maria Johanna
LUBBE, Roeloff's dr., Maria Catharina, married to Hendrik Albertus BEUKES
Adriaan Lodewyk
Gideon Rudolph
Barend jr. dr., Aletta Margaretha

MARAIS, Jr., Jacob
MERWE, Willem's dr., the children of the late Hendrik Sophia, procreated in
wedlock with Jacobus SNYMAN
The children of the late Hendrik van der
Hendrik's dr., Sara Helena van der - Aletta Maria van der, each
David Schalk Senior's dr. Anna Maria v.d., married to Hendrik JANSZE
VAN RENSBURG - David Schalk v.d. - Isaak v.d. - Carel v.d. - Johannes
Jacobus v.d. - David Schalk senior's son, Petrus van der - Hendrina van

der, married to Willem Hendrik VAN DER MERWE, H.' son Christina van
der, married to Johannes Jurgen DE BEER - Willem's dr., Wilhelmina
Hendrina van der, each
Carel's son, Hendrik van der - Sophia van der - Hester Carolina van
der, each
Willem Jacob's dr., Aletta
MEYER, Leendert
MULLER, Nicolaas' son, Johannes Hermanus - Bernardus, each
Cornelia Margaretha - Johanna Adriana, each
MALAN, Daniel's dr., Leonora Elisabeth
MOUTON, Jacob's dr., Johanna Jacoba, married to Andries BURGER
Martha Francina married to Carel Fredrik GEERE - Susanna Johanna,
married to Hendrik Schalk Burger, each
Magdalena Johanna, married to Joseph DE KLERK
Paulus Andries
MALHERBE, Petrus Jacob's son, dr., Anna, married to Paul MARAIS
Petrus Jacobus
Stephanus - Elizabeth, married to Johs. Stephs. LE ROUX, each
Gideon - Debora, married to Stephanus HAUPTFLEESCH - Martha - Hester -
Josua, each
MAREEZ, Ignatius' son, Marthinus
Petrus Ignatius - Johanness Petrus - Jacobus Philippus, each
Paul - dr. Susanna Margaretha, married to Abraham LE ROUX - Anna
Elisabeth, married to Albertus VAN JAARSVELD - Margaretha, married to
Petrus LE ROUX - Glaudina Magdalena, married to Daniel LE ROUX, each
MARIK, Sara Helena VERREYN, widow of Christiaan
MERWE, Susanna Sophia van der, widow of Cornelis JOOSTEN - Johannes Erasmus
Van der, each
MUNNIK, Jacoba, married to Jacobus Arnoldus VAN REENEN - Martha Maria,
Married to Jan Willem HURTER - Gerhardus' son, Johannes Albertus - dr.,

Elizabeth Jacomina - Helena, each
Maria Johanna
MOUTON, Johannes Paulus's dr. Jacoba - Abraham, each
MAASDORP, the children of the late Christiaan George
MOUTON, Aletta Margaretha, married to Jacobus Abraham BURGER
MERWE, Hendrik's son, Marthinus van der - Willem van der - Elsje Johanna,
Married to Anthony LOMBARD - Johanna Helena, married to Johannes
Hendrik NEL, each
Hendrik, jun's. dr. Johanna Petronella van der
Son, Stephanus Johannes van der
Pieter's dr. Sophia Magdalena van der, married to Willem Jacobus JANSSE

VAN RENSBURG h. Nicolaas's son
Gerrit Jacobus
MOUTON, Aletta Francina
MERWE, Susanna Sophia van der, married to Johannes Petrus SCHOEMAN,
Jan's son
MARAIS, Dorothea Maria TERBLANCHE, widow of Daniel Petrus
MERWE, David's son, Isaak van den
Daniel's dr. Catharina van der, married to Daniel ERASMUS
Susanna Sophia, widow of Cornelis JOOSTEN - Hester, married to Johannes

Petrus JANSSE VAN RESBURG - Johannes Erasmus van der, each
MEYER, Jacobus Willem de
Sophia Aletta Jacoba de, married to Johannes Hendrik FORSTER - Martha
Jacoba Hendrina de, married to Charl Johannes MARAIS Mm. Sterre's son -

Anna Christina de, married to Jacobus Adriaan FORSTER, Jacobus' son -
Susanna Jacobus de, married to Pieter Jacobs MEINTJES, each
MATTHEE, Adriata Wilhelmina
Maria Elisabeth - Cornelia Johanna - Sophia Margaretha - Sara Johanna -
Elias Jacobus, each
MERWE, David Schalks son, Willem Petrus van der
MULLER, Coonelis Johannes
MARAIS, Maria Geertruyda BAUER, widow of Daniel
MERWE, sen., Sophia JANZE VAN RENSBURG, widow of David van der
Hester ERASMUS, widow of Daniel van der
MOUNTON, Johannes Paulus, dr. Martha
????, Maria Johanna JOUBERT, widow of ..*{paper folded over]
MOSTERT, Jacobus son, Cornelis
MERWE, Jacoba van der, married to Zacharias Andries DE BEER - Anna
Margaretha, married to Cornelis Johannes BEUKES - Francina Carolina,
married to Solomon Jacobus JACOBSZ, each
Hendrik, dr. Johanna Christina van der
MERWE, Hendrik son, Gerhardus van der
MEYBURGH, Willem's son, Jacobus Nicolaas - Willem - Alewyn, each
MERWE, Sophia Geertruida Johanna van der, married to Marthinus Laurens
Elsje Jacoba van der, married to Hendrik Petrus PRINSLOO
Jacobus dr., Johanna Susanna Petronella van der
MOUTON, Johanna Jacoba, married to Andries BURGER - Aletta Margaretha,
Married to Jacobus Abraham BURGER - Martha Francina, married to Carel
Fredrik GEERE - Susanna Johanna, married to Hendrik Schalk BURGER -
Jacob's son, - Paul Andries, each
Magdalena Johanna, married to Joseph DE KLERK - Jacob's son, Abraham,
MOLEMAN, Wessel's son, Petrus Lafras - Susanna Maria - Cornelia Hester -
Johanna Petronella, each
MADER, Susanna Maria, married to Dirk Johs. WENTZEL
MAASDORP, Elizabeth Henriatta, married to Daniel Fredrik LEHMAN Jr.
Susanna Elizabeth Johanna, married to Dirk Erasmus WENTZEL
MEYER, Dorothea Sophia deceased wife of Johannes FRYLINCK
MINIE, David Abraham
MEYER, Johs. Stephs. Son, Wilhelmus Gerhardus
MULLER, Godfried Fredrik
MARITS, Gerrit's son, Frans Stephanus - Jacomina Maria married to Jacob
THERON - Gerit Stephanus - Joh. Christinia, married to Daniel
Johannes THERON, each
MOSTERT, Johs. Dr., Elsje Elisabeth, married to Johannes Fredrik SPANNEBERG
MERWE, David Schalk son, David Schalk van der
MEYER, Johanna VAN DER BERGH, widow of Hendrik Willem
MARIE OF THE CAPE, wife of the late Frederick OF THE CAPE
MOSTERT, Regina Johanna, married to Egbert HENDRIK - Tobias - Jacoba Hermina
Widow of Johannes RAMNER

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