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Subject: [ZA-IB] Extracts from the South African Commercial Advertiser - May1844
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 12:10:48 -0000

Transcribed from CO53/7 at the National Archives in Kew, London

Wednesday 1 May 1844

At a General Meeting of the Subscribers to this Company, held in the Town
House, on Saturday the 20th instant, Harrison WATSON Esq in the Chair, the
number of Shares taken was reported to be 320, whereupon it was resolved
unanimously that the Provisional Directors be requested to frame the
necessary Trust Deed for the establishment of the Company, to be submitted
to the Shareholders on Saturday the 4th May for their approval; on which day
the Lists of Applicants for Shares are to be closed. The meeting accordingly
stands adjourned to the Day above named, at Noon precisely.
Provisional Chairman
Cape Town 22nd April 1844

In St.George's Church Cape Town on Monday the 29th April by the Rev George
Hough MA:
A daughter of Mr. Chas. Joseph FINDON, baptised Elizabeth Ellen.
A son of Mr. Robert Henry HOOPER, baptised Robert Henry.

April 25: Mr. Henry William BROTHERTON, aged 43 years and 4 months.

Saturday 4 May 1844

Master's Office, Cape Town, 30th April 1844
The Next of Kin and Creditors of Fredrik Hermanus RAAT, late of the
Colesberg District, deceased, are required to take Notice that the said
deceased died intestate, and that a Meeting of the Next of Kin and Creditors
of the deceased, and surviving Widow, and all others whom these Presents may
concern, will be held before the Resident Magistrate at his Office,
Colesberg, on Saturday the 15th June next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon
precisely; and all such Persons as aforesaid are hereby required to attend
at the time and place aforesaid, then and there to see some Person or
Persons selected by such Magistrate, for approval by the Master of the
Supreme Court, as fit and proper to be by the said Master appointed Executor
or Executors Dative to the Estate of such deceased Person as aforesaid, and
Tutor Dative of the Minor Heirs of the deceased.
Clerke Burton, Master of the Supreme Court.

In the Roman Catholic Church
April 29: Mr. John WASSEING to Miss Maria BOEL

In the Roman Catholic Church
April 21: A daughter of William FITZPATRICK, baptised Mary Anne.
April 22: A daughter of Mr. John BEGLEY, baptised Margaret Magdalena.
April 28: A son of Lawrence WALSH, baptised Richard.
April 28: A daughter of Hendrick DANIELS, baptised Maria Augusta.
April 29: A son of Mr. William MANNIX, baptised Henry.

In Somerset Hospital
April 27: Alexander ROSS, aged 38 years.

Wednesday 8 May 1844
In St.George's Church, Cape Town on Monday the 6th May by the Rev George
Hough MA:
A daughter of John ROSS Esq, baptised Ellen Hamilton.
A son of Robert IZAT Esq, baptised John Robert.
An adult person, native of this colony, baptised Hester Maria, surname

May 1: Sophia Wilhelmina, daughter of Mr. Donald CAMERON, aged 11 years 1
month and 12 days.
May 7: George David, son of Mr. G.J. PIKE, aged 3 years and 4 months.
In Somerset Hospital:
May 1: Jane, negress apprentice, aged 16 years.

Saturday 11 May 1844

Dr. BAILEY presents his compliments to his Friends in Cape Town and its
Environs, and to the Public in general, and informs them that the
contemplated arrangement between Dr. REEDY and himself has not taken place,
and that consequently he has resumed his Practice.
Long-street, 1 May 1844

MARRIED at Edinburgh on the 7th Feb by the Right Rev Bishop Terrot DD,
Captain Duncan BUCHANAN of the Hon'ble East India Company's Service, and of
the Vale of Endric, cape of Good Hope, to Janetta, youngest daughter of the

MARRIED by Special Licence on the 8th instant, at St.Andrew's Church, Cape
Town, by the Rev G. Morgan, Mr. John MARSHALL, Commander of the Ship
'Haidee', to Miss Sarah Australia LEE, eldest daughter of the late Edward
LEE Esq of Sydney, New South Wales.

In St.John's Church, Wynberg by the Rev Dr Okes:
Feb 12: Samuel BROODS to Sarah ELLIS
April 22: Frans G DURIEZ to Caroline Wilhelmina MEYER
April 25: Mr. Stephen GEE to Miss Mary Grace POLLEYBLACK? [second half of
name obscured]

In St.John's Church, Wynberg by the Rev Dr Okes:
March 31: two children of John JASMAN, baptised Phillip Michael and Barbora
[sic] Maria.
April 17: A daughter of Robert Rolland COTTON Esquire MCS, baptised Jesse
April 22: An adult, baptised Caroline Wilhelmina.
April 22: Three children of Frans George DURIEZ, baptised Caroline
Wilhelmina, Daniel Petrus and Andries Cooper.
May 5: A son of Peter MALARY, baptised William George.

May 8: Donald Henry Arthur McKenzie, son of Mr. Donald McKenzie CAMERON,
aged 11 months and 26 days.
At the Pauper Asylum:
May 8: Hercules LINDSAY, aged 56 years.
At Wynberg:
May 4: A son of Thos. NORTON, aged 1 year 4 months and 4 days.

Wednesday 15 May 1844

By Special Licence
In the Scottish Church by the Rev G Morgan on Wednesday 8th May
John MARSHALL Esq, Commander of the Haidee, to Miss Sarah Australia LEE.

In the Scottish Church on Sunday 12th May by the Rev Geo. Morgan:
A son of Capt. William Douglas BELL of the Conch, baptised William Douglas.
In St.George's Church, Cape Town on Monday the 13th May by the Rev George
Hough MA:
A son of Mr. John KING, Inspector of Police, baptised William Moore.
A son of Mr. Henry BUTLER, baptised Edward Mockett.

Saturday 18 May 1844

BIRTH at Swellendam on the 18th May, Mrs. William VAN DER BYL of a daughter.

BIRTH at Swellendam on the 20th April, Mrs. Dr. ROBERTSON of a son; baptised
on the 12th May and named Thomas Chalmers.

All Persons having any claim on the Estate of Ralph Philip ROBINSON, late of
Wynberg, are desired to send in their Accounts to the Rev Dr OKES before the
First of July next.
Wynberg 17 May 1844

In Rondebosch Church on Sunday the 12th May by the Rev J Fry:
A daughter of Mr. Joseph DICKS, baptised Sarah Matilda
In St.Frances' Church, Simon's Town by the Rev E Judge AM;
April 8: A daughter of John WARD, baptised Alley.
May 2: A son of Thomas TYERS, baptised Thomas.
May 13: A son of Thomas WILLETT, baptised Thomas.

At Simon's Town:
April 21: Christian Martinus ABRAMSE, aged 7 months and 20 days.
April 29: Alley WARD, aged 29 days.
May 13: James COUGHLAN, aged 48 years.

DIED at Wynberg on Monday 13th May 1844, Ralph Philip ROBINSON Esq, aged 31
years, formerly Commander of the Delhi.

Wednesday 22 May 1844

In St.George's Church, Cape Town on Monday the 20th May by the Rev George
Hough MA:
Robert HUEY to Clara Wilhelmina THOMAS

In St.George's Church, Cape Town on Monday the 20th May by the Rev George
Hough MA:
A son of Mr. William GILLMAN, baptised William.
A daughter of the late Mr. James CLARE, baptised Henrietta.
A son of Mr. Peter BROWN, baptised Peter John.
A daughter of Robert HUEY, baptised Ann Elizabeth.
In the Episcopal Chapel, Long-street on Sunday the 19th May by the Rev T.A.
A son of Mr. Richard WATTS, baptised Joseph Thomas.

Wednesday 29 May 1844

DIED at Cape Town on the 22nd instant, aged 48 years, Mrs. Ann BURNETT, of
Uitenhage, widow of the late Capt. BURNETT of the 54th Regt, deeply

DIED this morning at 10 o'clock, my beloved Husband Hermanus Gerhardus KEEVE
(after a confinement of nearly 18 months to a sick bed), aged 52 years, 2
months and 22 days, lamented by myself and two children. I trust in the
goodness of the Almighty for support under this visitation of his
unsearchable Providence.
Zwart River, Place Rust en Vrede
26th May 1844

In St.George's Church, Cape Town on Friday the 24th May by the Rev George
Hough MA:
Mr. John Haynes BUTLER to Miss Mary Ann GRIGGS
In the Roman Catholic Church:
May 13: Gaspard Philip DE SCANDER to Wilhelmina [?Catherinea? - obscured in
fold] STEEL.
May 20: Mr. Francis HUNT, Sub Inspector of Police, to Mrs. Susan SUTTON.

In St.George's Church, Cape Town on Monday the 27th May by the Rev George
Hough MA:
A daughter of Mr. John CULLIS, baptised Sophia Ann.
A daughter of Mr. Richard R. PARKINSON, baptised [?Mary? - obscured in fold]
Ann Isabella.
In the Episcopal Church, Long-street on Sunday the 26th May by the Rev T.A.
A son of Mr. Daniel MILLS, baptised Walter Herbert.
A son of Mr. Arthur Aitchison SPECK, baptised William James.
In the Roman Catholic Church:
May 11: A daughter of Patrick CURRAN, private 45th Regt, baptised Catharine.
May 19: A daughter of Peter MACLEGUNN, corporal 45th Regt, baptised Mary
May 19: A daughter of Michael JACOBS, baptised Maria Johanna.

May 25: Alfred Lewis Hermanus, son of Mr. John Mitchell BROWN Junr, aged 10
months and 19 days.
In Somerset Hospital:
May 20: Samuel Lewis BROWN ,aged 23 years.

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