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From: "Conrod Mercer" <>
Subject: Boer POW Records
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 19:39:20 +0000

Hi All,

I have a xerox copy of the Red Cross Boer Prisoners of War from the
Anglo-Boer War and following on from the previous discussions
concerning a searchable data base of information here in South
Africa, thought that this may be the ideal opportunity to get this
information on line.

I must say up front that there are 720 pages of names that are
printed and in the format:

Prisoner No.
Christian Name
Commando (on some sheets, Field Cornetcy on others)
Home Address
District (not on all sheets)
Married or Single
Where Captured
Date of Capture (not on all sheets)
Remarks (Normally shows place where a POW, i.e. Ceylon, St Helena,

The information is in a table format with the headings listed above
across the page and the details of the individuals down the page,
under the headings.

The information is broken down into sections as follows:
No's 1-206 List of Prisoners of War - Natal
No's 480 - 2579 List of Transvaal Prisoners of War
2580 - 3019 Second List of Transvaal Prisoners of War at Simon's Town
3020 - 3271 Transvaal Prisoners of War (at Ceylon)
No's 3272 - 3499 Transvaal List
No's 3500 - 4396 List of Prisoners of War at St Helena
No's 4397 - 4405
No's 5000 - 7101 Free State Prisoners of War
No's 7102 - 7328 Green Point Track
7329 - 7404 Free State List

This section seems to cover all those Boer's captured up-to 1900
The next section starts at 23455 -32561 and seems to be for prisonors
captured between 1901 and the end of the war.

These list provide the details for 7404 plus (+) 9106 Boers
captured during the Boer War. Total records = 16510 soldiers.

Obviously such a list would take-up a great deal of space and in
order to capture the information, would require the assistance of as
many volunteers as are prepared to come forward as possible.

I am of course looking for volunteers to assist in capturing this
information :)

Some questions that need to be answered before a project of this
nature is undertaken are as follows:

What format (software programme) should be used by all the volunteers
so that the information is in the same format?
How does one set-up a searchable data base on the internet?
How will the records be distributed to the volunteers?
Who will proofread the information once it has been captured?

I'm sure that more questions will arise as we debate this issue.

What do the members of the list think of this as a potential project
for us to undertake in achieving the dream of adding to the store of
knowledge on the Internet about South African Genealogy? Is it
feasable and can we tackle it?

I look forward to your comments in this regard.


Conrod Mercer
28 Hosking Street, Brenthurst, Brakpan, 1541, RSA
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