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From: "Dick Whitlock" <>
Subject: Re: Boer POW Records
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 21:53:08 +0200

Hi Conrod,

Some comments (answers ?) on your questions:


One can spend months (years?) arguing about the database
format for a project like this. The big thing is to get
the data captured and then the info can be reformatted,
indexed etc. I suggest the data be captured in dBase
using the fields as given in your email. DBase is pretty
standard and can be read by most other database programs
if conversion is necessary. To this end I can knock together
a quick and dirty DOS capture program for volunteers to use.


A very rough estimate of the size of the database based on
16000 names and the fields you gave would be somewhere
between 5 and 10 meg. This would proberbly compress (zip)
to about a 3rd: Still too big to go onto the average "free"
website. A possibility would be to get sponsorship to put
the data on a commercial site. On the other hand, a nice
thing about the Web is that the database doesn't have to
be all on one site. It could be broken up into a number of
bite sized chunks and I am sure the most of the members with
websites (myself included) would volunteer to upload a few


The ideal would be to get a sponsor to put the data on a
commercial site with an online search facility. Failing that
once the info has been captured it would be possible to set
up a number of HTML index pages (index on names, places,
dates etc). The index pages may be quite large but, once
again, could be spread across more than one website.


Dick Whitlock
(Pretoria, South Africa)
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