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From: "TRAKRITE" <>
Subject: Jennifer Bell reHome Children
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 10:27:10 +0200

Hello Jennifer

I have been in touch with Anthony Went and he has given me permission to
pass on his fax number to you. Unfortunately he doesn't have e-mail yet.
Fax : 263-20-60460

Kingsley Fairbridge has two living children :- Barbara Rowley who lives in
Perth, and Rhodes Fairbridge who lives (we think) in New York. Rhodes
Fairbridge's fax number is : 1-516-267 2011 if you wish to contact him.
Kingsley Fairbridge married a lady named Ruby, but Anthony couldn't
remember her maiden name.

Anthony has the family tree which he is prepared to fax through to you when
you give him your fax number. (or alternatively snail-mail you). He was
delighted to hear about you!

Kind regards

Jo-anne Pritchard

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