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From: "Robert Milne" <>
Subject: Re: Boer War Records
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 18:03:34 +0200

To all listers who are seeking Boer War records,

The LDS Church has done some quite extensive filming of Boer War records.
The list of microfilm you can view is obtainable at any LDS Family History
Ask for the Family History Library Catalogue.

These records are catalogued under South Africa/Military Records.

Examples of what's available:
Lists of British prisoners of war, 1899-1900.

Graves of British soldiers killed in the Boer War, 1899 - 1902

Lists of prisoners of war in South Africa, 1899-1902.

Published lists of Afrikaner prisoners of war, arranged alphabetically
and chronologically, with full name, home address, marital status,
regiment location, age; date and place of capture, internment, death,
relocation; notes on parole, rank, or release during the Boer War in
South Africa (1899-1902). Besides South Africa, many P.O.W.s were
relocated to the island of St. Helena, India, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka),
and elsewhere in the British Empire.

Details of Boer prisoners of war, lists of prisoners who were
in the various camps in India, Ceylon, St. Helena and Portugal,
lists of prisoners who were released, paroled or who took the oath
of allegiance.

Archives of the officer charged with gathering information concerning
deaths among the Republican fighting forces and the civilian population
After the Boer War there were many inquiries concerning deaths during
the war. Mr. P.L.A. Goldman was appointed in 1906 to make a survey
of casualties among the Republican fighting forces and the civilian
population. The task occupied him until 1913. The registers he
compiled include deaths of burghers on commando and of persons in
all the concentration camps. Where possible, the name of the
deceased, his age, address and the cause, date and place of death
were supplied.

Archives of the Intelligence Officer, Pretoria (IOP), 1900-1901.
Shortly after the British forces occupied Pretoria in June 1900, an
Intelligence Officer was appointed to assist the Military Governor in
combating espionage and conspiracies against the British regime in
the Transvaal. The Intelligence Office gathered miscellaneous
information about the inhabitants of the country and particularly
about persons under suspicion.

Register of Boer prisoners of war 1901

Lists of rebels (persons found guilty of treason)

Hope this helps!
Judy Milne

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