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From: van Rensburg <>
Subject: Re: Gerrit Basson & van Rensburg
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 16:40:57 +1100

Hi Mansell,
Thanks for your input, the connection between Gerrit Basson and Aletta
van der Merwe seems still a bit distant and round about, to warrant them
being the witnesses to the first born son. I do find the commonality of
the farm "Kun(n)enburg" interesting.

With regards to a child you refer to as Hendrik with Gerrit Basson and
his wife being the witnesses at this baptism on 1 Jan 1710. Are you
stating this to indicate that they were still in the Cape then or what
else are you getting at? Or are you question them being witnesses to the
baptism of Johannes at Stellenbosch 7 July 1709 (I have not seen the
primary document with regards to this last baptism, I obtained it from
J.H van Rensburg book "Die Rietvleiers van Rensburgs")

Obviously with them being the witnesses this late, negates them going to
Europe as per de Wet's source.

I would appreciate further clarification so that I am following what you
are saying. It is good to be able to try all options and then eliminate
those that leads one up the garden path, obviously the Rynnick
connection was not familial if she did not hail from Leiden.

With kind regards
Andre van Rensburg

> Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 23:18:23 +0000
> From: "Mansell Upham" <>
> To:
> A descendant of Claes Jansz myself, I remain unconvinced that he hailed from
> Rynsburg. VOC officialdom, notwithstanding non-standardised script and
> spelling, appears to me to have been rather clued up about the various
> provenances of VOC employees and the free folk inhabiting their colonies and
> factories: Rensburg in Danish Holsten was no small town and provided many
> migrant workers to the United Dutch Republic.
> Gerrit Basson in relation to the Van Rensburg progenitor:
> The appearance of the childless Gerrit and his wife as witnesses can be
> explained without too much speculation...
> Gerrit Basson was initially half-brother-in-law to Mooij Ansela's 'voorzoon'
> (and Arnoldus Willemsz Basson's step-son): Jacobus van As - who married
> secondly Helena Schalks van der Merwe. Helena subsequently remarried
> Arnoldus Maasdorp - the widower of Gerrit Basson's late sister, Maria
> Basson. Helena was sister to Aletta van der Merwe: stammoeder of the Van
> Rensburgs in South Africa.
> In 1707 Gerrit Basson purchased the farm (which later came to be known as)
> "Kun(n)enburg" in Drakenstein which farm had been granted to Helena &
> Aletta's father, Willem Schalksz van der Merwe in 1692. Basson sold the
> farm in 1712.
> I am beginning to doubt that Gerrit's wife hailed from Leiden. That she may
> have been Cape-born remains a distinct possibility until further proof to
> the contrary comes to light...
> I suspect that both Gerrit and his wife succumbed to the smallpox epidemic
> of 1713.
> They were not the parents of one "Gerrit Janse" reputedly baptised on 1
> January 1701. Hendrik was the child baptised at Stellenbosch on 1 January
> 1710, the witnesses being Gerrit Basson and his wife. The parents of this
> child were Gerrit Janse [van Deventer] and the orphan-girlchild-immigrant
> Anna Jacobs.
> Best wishes
> Mansell Upham
> Helderstroom Farm, Bossiesveld, Dist. Wocester
> I came across what seems like a minor detail with regards to Claas
> Jansz: van Rensburg. But I believe it could maybe be a significant
> fact.
> I have had up until now, the witnesses at the baptisms of five out
> of seven of Claas's children. These five were baptized at Drakenstein
> church. These witnesses were all relatives of Aletta van der Merwe.
> I just obtained the witnesses at the baptism of the eldest son Johannes,
> he was the only one baptized at Stellenbosch 7 July 1709 (This was just
> over a year after the wedding day). The witnesses were:
> Gerrit Basson and his wife Johanna Rynick
> I started to wonder whether these witnesses were neighbours or close
> friends. It seems rather unusual that since it was their first child
> that they would not have asked one of the relations of Aletta to be a
> witness,
> being a van der Merwe there were many relatives.
> I went and had a look at the South African Genealogy Vol 1 A-C by Heese
> under Gerrit Basson and he married Johanna Rynick it also indicated that
> Johanna Rynick was from Leiden. What further caught my attention was
> that Gerrit Basson and Johanna is listed as having a son and they called
> him Gerrit Janse.
> Now I am wondering whether Johanna Rynick and Claas Jansz could be
> related, and my basis for this conclusion is:
> 1. One would tend to ask a relative to be witness to a childs baptism
> and more so if it is the first child.
> 2. There would have been some ill feelings by the van der Merwe family
> if the witnesses were not family members.
> 3. Johanna's surname is Rynick, comes from the same root as Rynsburg
> 4. Johanna came from Leiden which is not very far from the village
> Rynsburg
> 5. Gerrit and Johanna called their son Gerrit Janse. This is the same
> as Claas Jansz, could Johanna have been the daughter of a Jan?
> Apparently Gerrit Basson and Johanna Rynick returned to Netherlands in
> 1705, according to GC de Wet Die Vryliede en Vryswartes in die Kaapse
> Nedersetting p 201, , he refers to C805 Uitgaande Brieven: Goew.
> en Raad-Here XVII, 28.3.1705, which is rather puzzling since they were
> witnesses in 1709.I have seen approximate dates for the birth/ baptism
> of Johanna as 1675/1677.
> I was hope that someone on this list would be able to assist with
> getting
> more information regarding Johanna Rynick from Leiden. When was she born
> and who were her parents? Could she have been a family member, a younger
> sister or a niece? or maybe she was just a friend of the family.
> Hopefully
> this will lead to a breakthrough with Claas Jansz. (Claas Jansz was born
> 1661)
> I would be interested to hear your thoughts on my theory, and if any
> can help put the puzzle together.
> With kind regards
> Andre van Rensburg

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