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Subject: RE: TRUTER
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 10:48:31 +0200


Anna Maria = 17.8.1777 Cape town, an artists famous for paintings of early
Cape flowers and views, sailed to england in 1803 and never returned to RSA.
Her home was called Buitenzorg +England 15.12.1857 80yrs 4 months. She was
Lady Barrow.
x Stellenbosch 26.8.1799 John Barrow (Sir) *19.6.1764 Dragleybeck, near
ulverston in Lancanshire, England, an Auditor General. Created a Baronet
(Sir John) on 30.3.1835, 2nd and Permanent Secretary to the3 High
Admdiralty. +23.11.1848 London, England, buried Pratt Street Cemetery,
CAmden Town, london 84yrs 5m s.o. Roger Barrow of Draley, Beck, Ulverston
and Mary Dawson
d1) George +2months
d2) George Barro (Sir) *22.10.1806 London
d3) John Barrow *28.65.1808 Lt. Col. V.D., F.R.S., F.R.G.S., F.S.A.
+26.2.1838 Chipping, Norton, Oxfordshire.
d4) William Barrow *25.2.1810 Commander +26.2.1838
d5) Peter Barrow *30.7.1813 Consul of Nantes and later Kertch.
d6) Johanna Maria x 1821 Robert Batty of the Grenadier Guards, later a Lt.
Col. Served in the Pyrenees and later at Waterloo where he was wounded. An
Artist, exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1813 - 1848.+20.4.1848
Ampthill Square, London 57yr
d7) Mary Jane +2.1.1878&unmarried

Anna Maria was the d.o. Petrus Johannes Truter = 17.12.1747 Cape Town, an
Assistant in the East Indian COmpany, Member of the Court of Justice, also a
Commissioner of Police, lived in Swellendam +31.1.1825 77yrs 1m
x 18.4.1773 Johanna Ernestina Blankenberg = 19.4.1750
xx Stellenbosch 1.4.1814 Emerentia Hubert *c1759 +1.10.1838 widow of J.A.
Hope this helps
Janet Melville
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Subject: TRUTER

Does anyone have anything on the TRUTER family in the Cape?
The sort of guff I have been able to find is shown below, but they bloke I
am helping out here is a descendent of the Barrow family, and is probably
more interested in the earlier origens of the TRUTER family.

Johannes Andreas Truter ended up being a Chief Justice of the Cape in 1812,
earning the title "Sir John Truter". His daughter, Anna Maria, married John
Barrow in the Cape in abt 1898, and a daughter was born to them there,
before they left for England in abt 1803.

Barrow became second Secretary to the Admiralty in 1804, and held the post
for forty years. In 1835 a baronetcy was conferred on him. Amongst other
works he published Travels in China, Travels into the Interior of South
Africa, and lives of Lord Macartney, Lord Anson, and Lord Howe. He was
Founder of the Royal Geographical Society, and the greatest promoter of
Arctic exloration. (Taken from "Lady Anne Barnard at the Cape of Good Hope"
by Dorothea Fairbridge 1924.)

Would appreciate any help possible


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