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From: "Alison Geer" <>
Subject: Ward-Smith
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 23:17:03 +0200

Dear Tony (Les, please note p.s. at the bottom of the page...)
Hello, cousin!
All info below is as per my great-grandmother and although I write it as
fact, the info remains unconfirmed.....

I have managed to track down much info on my dad's side of the family but
little on my mom's. Here's info as it was written by my great-grandmother
who by all accounts should turn out to be your wife's aunt :

Mildred-Louise Ward-Smith born 29-7-1885
Brothers Frank (Thrice married to Nora, Eve and "Tommy"(nickname))
Fergus (married to Ruth - children Kenneth +?)
Dudley (Have the words "America" and "Shanghai" next to his
Sisters Lydia (editor of the "Outspan" magazine)
Margaret "Babs" (nickname) who was indeed born in Ladybrand and
married Vivian Alexander Tennant and had a daughter Audrey Phillis who
married Ernest Clarence Haynes. They in turn had two children according to
my list - Malcolm and Ernest.

Adelaide's maiden surname was Harding and she was, according to
great-granny, the daughter of Dr William Watten Harding and a miss Sophia
Louisa Bishop. (Sophia, I believe, was a cousin of Mary Moffat - wife of
David Livingstone). Dr Harding is supposed to have had some ties with the
Sheffield silver works. William Jervois was unable to find their names
amongst the 1820 settlers although we have always believed them to have been
one of the settlers from England. Harry Ward-Smith was from Maidstone, his
father, Arthur, a relative of the Earl of Dudley. Arthur Ward-Smith traces
back to Kent, England, and was married to a miss Shillinge (I have requested
info from a researcher looking into that name exclusively) - miss Shillinge
was Harry's mother and she bore other children - Arthur, David, Hetty, Hugh
and another daughter whose name I do not have.

I do not have Harold or Bill listed and you do not have my Great-Grandmother
Mildred listed, but all other names tie in.

Tony, please get in touch with me on my direct address
as well as the group and please mark with an exclamation (urgent)
Alison Geer

P.S. Lesli, I see you have also replied to Tony. This concerns me as we are
also related via the Frosts. Could explain some of my erratic

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Date: 13 July 1999 06:35
Subject: Need Help.

>On the advice of "William Jervois" <>
><< Hello Tony
>I don't know of anything of that sort; perhaps if you were to appeal
>to the group at
>with best wishes
>William >>
>I am writing to the group. I am trying to locate information on the
>Surname of Ward-Smith. I have sent this request in the past, but I
>didn't have much information. Since my last request I have done
>somemore digging and have come up with the folling information:
>I would like to see if you can find any additional information on
>individuals for the following Surname.
>Harry Ward-Smith
> wife: Adelaide Harriet
>abode: Ladybrand
>Occupation: Architect
> Children: 6
> Harold Ward-Smith
> Freda Ward-Smith (?)
> Frank Ward-Smith
> Margaret Ward-Smith (?)
> Lydia Ward-Smith (?)
> and my father-in-law
> Bill Ward-Smith b: 1898
>Info on Bill Ward-Smith
>Educated at Grays Collage; entered into Sallsbury Rhodesia Civil Service
>in 1911.
>Qualified in 1914 the South African record in the 100 yard dash and was
>chosen to represent SA in 1914 Olympic games, which were canceled due to
>Served with Rhodesian forces during W.W.I was commissioned in 1915, was
>promoted to Captain, and was slightly wounded in 1915.
>Info on Frank Ward-Smith;
>A member of and elected as a life member "Steward of the Melnerton(?)"
>of the SA Turf Club. In the Cape Times 9/27/1977
>A member of standing at the Royal Cape Golf Club. In the Cape Times
>Last known address's of Frank Ward-Smith and Harold Ward-Smith was,
>Gaylando, Ladies Mile Exit, Constantia Cape 4800 Republic of South
>I hope I have provided enough information that it will help someone
>additional information on this Surname. I am trying to get enough
>information on my wife's family so I can present it to her in book
>format on our 20th wedding anniversary in a couple of years. So any
>help is greatly appreciated and welcomed.
>Thanks for your help
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