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From: "Barbara Prowse" <>
Subject: Re: Hanger in SA - if you are not interested in them press delete
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 20:21:23 +0100

Dear Janet, I am glad your Saunders Tree is panning out. It's such fun
making new links.
Thank you very much for the HANGER information. I'm VERY interested. Bindon
Ernest is our direct
line, and it's good to have all the details of his brothers and sisters. I
think Edward Norman must have married a cousin?.

I have several queries now. Plus a bit of confusion. did your information
come from Catharina's obituary?
for Catharina Jacomina Ferreira now seems to have different parents. I was
told they were Thomas
Ignatius Ferreira and Maria Magdalena Haarhoff. but here her mother is
Johanna Jacomina Ferreira.
Was MMH a previous wife? Do you know anything about JJF in your Ferreira

1. Under her child number 2 it says "&dumpsmen". what does that mean?
2. Does child no. 1. - WN - have a full name?
3. Is there any more information on Bindon Hanger? He is our direct line.
Someone sent me the information that he was the subject of a lawsuit: State
versus Bindon Hanger for theft - and I'm waiting for more info' on that. My
three year old grandson told me he wants to be a thief when he grows up, so
perhaps it runs in families!!

Thanks for your help.

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Subject: Hanger in SA - if you are not interested in them press delete
> To Barbara Prowse - sorry I lost your e mail as I had a big clean up.
> I found the following for you:
> Edward Norman Hanger * Bloemfontein +Hsopital Rustenburg 13.3.1949; 71y
> 5m&pensioner
> Married Caroline Eliazabeth Hanger
> Children:
> 1. Leonard Euclaya Hanger (sorry that second name is beyond me)
> 2. Edgar Vincent
> 3. Eileen Olive
> 4. Doreen Mabel
> His place of residence is 1184 Joubert Street, Rustenburg and he was a
> pensioner and maried in community of property.
> Catharina Jacomina Ferreira *Somerset East +die farm Zeekoeihoek; 48 y she
> left no will and only had household furniture. Her parents are Thomas
> Ignatius Ferreira and Johanna Jacomina Ferreira
> Her children are given as:
> 1. W.N
> 2. William Victor *De Wets Dorp 10.10.1861 +Boksburg-Benoni Hospital
> 4.2.1950 79y 4m&dumpsmen
> x 26.5.1896 Magistrates Court, Krugersdorp Christina Catharina Wilhelmina
> Pienaar *16.1.1878 = Bethulie 10.2.1878 (D.o. Adriaan Jacobus Pienaar and
> Carolina Catharina Elizabeth Roux)
> He had one son Ivanhoe Basil Bruce born c 1902
> 3. Bindon Ernest *27.10.1863
> 4. Ulrich Clarence *30.3.1865
> 5. George Newman
> 6. Eliza *1.8.1874 +Kimberley 4.1883
> 7. St. Clair *24.7.1876
> 8. Edward Norman *Bloemfontein 18.10.1877 +Hospital, Rustenburg; 13.3.1949
> 71y 5m - pensioner - see details above
> 9. Eugene Louis *1879 +Kimberley 1.1881
> 10. Caroline Edith *Kimberley 9.8.1881
> 11. Harold Edgar *17.6.1884 and on his brothers d/n his date of birth is
> 4.10.1885
> 12. Harold Ethelbert *Beaconsfield 4.10.1886 +Potchefstroom 10.7.1935; 52y
> 13. Amelia Beatrice *28.2.1888
> Your Hangers didnt stay down in the Cape Province. I would look for them
> the Kimberley and Orange Free State and Transvaal.
> Thanks to you and your help and William Jervois I have now got a fairly
> comprehensive Saunders family tree and have even found a son working in
> London for the Standard Bank. Its been growing and growing and I have
> contacted the guy at the Standard Bank and suggested that he goes and sees
> where his roots are.
> I have an interest in the Hangers re the Ferreira. I have not been able
> find out who her parents are. I will see if I can find the baptism in the
> Somerset East baptismal registers
> Janet Melville
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