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Subject: RE: FREE records - Response to Delia and Andr é
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 15:23:51 +0200

Thanks Sheena

The LDS remark got me onto a lot of great data.


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> Subject: FREE records - Response to Delia and Andre
> Delia, not wishing to get in the middle of acrimony or inflaming this
> debate
> or anything - but Andre does have a point in his favor - at our local
> libraries we have FREE access to all sorts of material in USA - Censorship
> records etc. AND Rootsweb are certainly doing a fine job, with volunteers
> etc. to provide further free collaborative efforts. And of course they do
> ask for donations - and they are freely given to those of us who
> appreciate
> the efforts of these marvelous people. So is LDS with their new online
> sites of reference material and leads (now that is not to say that they
> don't also cover their costs by encouraging you to purchase their more
> detailed goods, of course they do!).
> There are people willing to serve and exchange data - as readily seen in
> this medium with the contributors to this very list - people willing to go
> the extra mile for folks in look-ups and all. AND God Willing, there will
> be a time when I download my family history or set up my website so that
> others may gather material of interest to their family branches - FREE.
> BUT there are certainly documents, copies for which we have to pay, to
> allow
> for others to maintain jobs etc., birth certificates, death certificates
> etc. etc. I do take umbrage though at the companies who encourage you to
> download your hard earned research and then market it at pretty hefty
> prices
> to others. I got caught on that scheme and found myself buying my own
> material back! No joke!!
> So, to you both - from my perspective, you both have some good points -
> don't be so hard on one another.
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