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Subject: RE: Amglo-Boer War Reflections
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 11:01:37 +0200

Dear Listers
All I wish to say Is Amen !
As you said America to the Indians, England to the Celts, etc. etc. etc!!
Let him OR
they who are INNOCENT or not guilty, throw/cast the first stone !
We are all passers-by in this world and after all is "given or taken or
stolen or claimed or what-so-ever", all the land, sea, etc., is the Property
of the All Mighty who created Heaven & Earth and we
beter take THAT into consideration. We are here just
as renters not as proprietors. Pardon if my English is not 100% correct. We
should not read the letters that upset us, IF we do, SMILE & DELETE!! Live &
let live, everybody has their own view, DO not add "fuel
to the fire".
Let us rather use that energy to help others and ourselves to search for our
ancestors, or to give somebody a helping ear/hand/compliment!
Kind regards

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> From: Nita Harris
> Date: 01 November, 1999 11:46 PM
> Subject: Re: Boer War Reflections
> :
> :I think maybe you missed the point - I was trying to point out
> (using your words, e.g. assault and invader) that South Africa did not
> belong to the Boers, as intimated by you, it belonged to the Africans.
> That is the Truth, not my perception of the truth,

Lord Darling said: "Much truth is spoken, that more may be
The "truth" is that England belonged to the Celts, Australia to the
Aborigines, New Zealand to the Maori's, North America to the (Red)
Indians, Palestine to the..... (no, I have no desire to get involved in
any controversy and I won't even mention Europe at all :-).
Could we please get back to discussing genealogy on this list?

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