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Subject: Re: Rorke and de Fonseca family history
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 20:52:27 -0500

Wow Pat!

That's really interesting. Based on dates she must be the daughter of one
of James Rorke's oldest child. (I'm guessing a little here--based on number
of children Natalie has, date of book, dates of James' marrage and death,
etc.) It's also interesting that the name Frederick keeps poping up.

Anyway, it all makes sense timewise, if only I could figure out how my
great-grandfather (Frederick Niland Rorke) fits into all of this (if at

Thanks for looking this up!
By the way, I've exchanged several emails with Sheila Gray and she was able
to provide some great additional information about Melina de Fonseca Rorke
and is mailing me a copy of her book. She is really great!


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