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From: "Johan van Zyl" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 01:50:42 +1100

Still the same thing, DOSSHELL was just a file Manager which would
open the file in QBASIC Editor or whatever editor installed under
DOS when you click on it.

No multitasking or any such junk, *just* a File and Directory

so instead of typing in : EDIT FILENAME.EXT to open the
file, you could just double click it.

There is *no* software or files ever written that will only run
under the DOSSHELL interface, (which was a copy of
Norton Commander anyway). It worked on associating
executables with certain file extensions.


"DOSSHELL: In case you've never heard of it, DOSSHELL,
| introduced in DOS4, is a very capable file and directory manager
| that's entirely DOS-based. With it you can accomplish many of the
| same taks taht folks get done with Windows 3.0 and 3.1 - using
| your mouse and everything".
| "To start the shell, go to a DOS prompt and type "DOSSHELL"
| without the quotes, press enter, i.e.
| C:\DOSSHELL [enter]
| "After the shell boots up, you will see a screen with a title bar on
| top and a menu bar just below the title bar. The menu bar can be
| selected - and commands executed - with either the keyboard or
| the mouse".
| With modern versions of MS-DOS, when typing (as the above
| archived article instructs) the command "DOSSHELL" (without the
| quotes, single word) at the DOS prompt, you get the message:
| "bad command or file name".
| DOSSHELL was discontinued as an integral part of MS-DOS many
| years ago.
| > To open something under a DOS SHELL means....
| > Open a command prompt window to run the prog, or restart
| > the PC under DOS
| does NOT, repeat NOT, work for DOSSHELL files and later
| versions of MS-DOS..
| In the meantime, I will continue opening the STAIRS disks using
| MS Word (as Len Strafford also suggested) or Wordpad, although
| the great benefits of running it under DOSSHELL program
| commands is then lost.
| Christo
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