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From: "Russell" <>
Subject: Re: Petzer
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 23:27:50 -0330
References: <000601bf9312$91fc7900$dc1402c4@valerie>

Dear Marius

I have a few PETZERs in my tree. My understanding is that they are of German
origin. The surname is indexed in a book mentioned on this list recently.
The book is about German mercenaries and immigrants to the Eastern Cape. I
did a search through this list's archives but could not find anything. I
seem to remember that the book was "For Men must Work", but I may be wrong.
Some kind lister had put the index on a web-page, which is where I found the
PETZER name. Hopefully some other lister with a better memory can help you

What is your interest in PETZER? I note on Conrod's web-site a Philip Cohen
has listed PETZER as a surname interest. I have been unable to contact him.



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