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From: Gary Olivier <>
Subject: Re: OLIVIER Family
Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 21:23:09 +0200
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Hello Mark,

At this stage I have not done any overseas research into these families but
here is what I have picked up to date :-

The OLIVIER family in SA was founded by two brothers, Hendrik Corneliszoon
and Ockert Corneliszoon, from the village of Ouwerkerk on the island of
Duiveland, in Zeeland. Their common second name indicates that their
father's name was Cornelis.
At this stage mother's name unknown but I will be visiting an "OLIVIER'
expert later this week so hold thumbs.

Hendrik arrived at the Cape in 1661 and in 1677 married Beatrix Gysberta
Ockert arrived in 1671 and married Alida ( also called Aletta or Alitie )
VERWEY. These two were sisters and the daughters of Gysbert Dirksz VERWEY,
from Millingen in Gelderland, who arrived at the Cape in 1668, and his wife
Catherina Gysbertsz GANZEVANGER. Both daughters were born in Woerden in
what is now Zuid Holland.
Apparently the VERWEY's also had a son Dirk who married Susanna Francina van

Regarding Ockert, you should read Esme BULL's article in Familia Vol.23, #3,
titled "An anomaly in the OLIVIER family". Ockert fathered two children
with Maria VISSER, wife of Willem WILLEMSE, whilst the latter was away
between 1672 and 1675. In 1676 WILLEMSE and his wife Maria left the Cape
leaving behind the two children, Dina and Cornelis, with their maternal
grandfather Jan Coenraad VISSER.
Their father, Ockert, to be responsible for their support.

Ok, cheers for now and best regards,

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Subject: OLIVIER Family

> Hello Vic,
> I am descended from both Ockert Corneliszoon and Hendrik Corneliszoon
Olivier, I believe they where brothers and assume that both of their Verwey
wives were sisters. I have not managed to take the line any further back, if
you know the names of their parents and that of their wives would you please
inform me.
> I would also be curious to know if there is a link to another Huguenot
Olivier who settled in England in 1688, his name is Rev. Jourdain Olivier
and was chaplain to William of Orange. (he is an ancestor of Sir Laurence
> Regards,
> Mark Lingenfelder.
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> Subject: OLIVIER Family
> Hello Mark,
> Note you are interested in the OLIVIER family. Which branch and
location are you interested in?
> I have been researching this family for some time now and may be able to
> At present I am visiting at Mossel Bay and using my sister-in-laws email
address. So for the next month or so I will be in this area and may be
contacted on this address. In June I will be heading back to PE where my
email address is .
> Best regards,
> Vic.
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