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Subject: Re: NAAIRS official site
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 23:00:24 +0200
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Dear Russell and other interested readers,

As far as I know the archives do not have the references online and
their site is an introduction to their services only, at this stage.
They said sometime in the near future, but that can take a long time!

The searchable NAAIRS webpage at is an independent effort by
Johan van Zyl and some of the Rootsweb list members to pool resources
(almost like a library) and is not connected to the official archives
at all, although it has their permission and blessing.

At this point the only way to get references to documents in the
National archives is by writing to the archives in Pretoria. They also
have an e-mail address - contact Ms Hendi Slump at
She will tell you how many references there
are for your specific query (name, year or subject) and how many disks
will be needed, plus cost per full disk or part thereof. (Was R25 for
2,500 entries last year) Remember that the search criterion they use
does not take variations in spelling into account - ie Pieterse,
Pieters, Pietersen and Pieterson are all separate requests.

Once someone has acquired the archive references for names that do not
appear on the independent NAAIRS website already, they can be
forwarded as free shareware for inclusion in the database. ie your
names of interest will not appear there until they've been submitted
by somebody who went to the effort of actually ordering and forwarding

Many list members have already generously sent their acquisitions to
Johan, and it is to be hoped that many more will do so in the future,
to enable the site to grow to it's full potential.



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Subject: NAAIRS official site

> Dear Listers
> I see that there is now a government NAAIRS website at
> which has a search engine. The search engine, however, does not
> returning only error messages. I presume that this is because it is
a work
> in progress. Does anyone have any information regarding this website
> when the info may be available?
> Regards
> Russell
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