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From: "Cliff Hall" <>
Subject: Re: Look-Up - Aided Immigration and British Residents
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 08:27:31 +0200

and thanks for the offer.
Been looking for a proverbial needle in a haystack and s.k.s. suggested my
should perhaps focus prior to 1820.
Keith Meintjes first wrote some while back as follows:
"I notice that Edward Hall x Elizabeth Clark is in SA Genealogies Vol. 3 p.
40. Their son, Edward, was born in Grahamstown about 1844. It is possible
that both Edward and Elizabeth were children of 1820 settlers, born in South
I have photocopies of the Halls and Clark(e)s from Peter Philip's book -
could scan them for you, if you like. "

However I could not find a link to the Hall's listed in either Nash or
Hockley and subsequently was suggested that I look pre-1820. What I know
so far is that Edward and Elizabeth had 6 children, that Elizabeth died (no
date) and that Edward appears to have remarried an Elizabeth Skinner.

Any assistance or advice would be sincerely appreciated.
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From: Eileen & Marty Russell <>
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Date: 05 November 2000 07:27
Subject: Look-Up - Aided Immigration and British Residents

If any one wants a look up in Aided Immigration (Esmé Bull) and/or British
Residents at
the Cape 1795-1819 (Peter Philip), send your list of names to me in the next
few days,
and I'll do one big session at the end of the week.

The main part of 'Aided Immigration' is British immigrants to the Cape
1857-67 followed by
- Irish Immigrants on the Barossa 1823
- Children sent by the Children's Friend Society 1833-1839
- British settlers 1848-51
- English women married to men of the German Legion before they left England
for British
Kaffraria 1856/7
- Settlers on the Lady Kennaway 1857 (mostly young single Irish women and a
few English
- Roll of Assisted Immigrants introduced under Act 8 of 1857 (1½ pages of
ships but only
2½ pages of immigrants under the headings Surgeon Superintendents who
elected to settle at
the Cape 1857-1862; Qualified Schoolmasters who accompanied the ships and
remained; German
vinedressers who arrived on Aurifera 11 19.5.1859; Immigrants from the
- Emigrants to New Zealand and Australia 1863-65
- Emigrants to America 1863-66

British Residents at the Cape 1795-1819, biographical records of 4 800
pioneers by Peter
Philip, 1981, ISBN 0 908396 46 5.

Richards Bay

keith meintjes wrote:

> The HSRC is still in business, and recently published the second volume of
> "New Dictionary of SA Biography." Look at (which
> painfully slow). They have a library, presumably in Pretoria.

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