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From: keith meintjes <>
Subject: Re: [Help help!]
Date: 10 Nov 00 16:22:01 MST

They want you to rename the file with the appropriate extension. Here is my

Make sure the write protect tabs on the floppies (stiffies) are set: Both the
holes are open. This will prevent you accidentally overwriting the originals.

Use Explorer to copy the files to some other place on your hard drive.

Rename the files to be something like stairs1.doc etc.

What they mean is that Word will look for files called something.doc

Then you can read or edit ("open") them.

If you have problems, name the files to be something like stairs1.txt etc.
Then you can open them with Wordpad, Notepad, and many other ways.

Hope this helps.

"Doug & Pat Frykberg" <> wrote:
Please can someone put me right.
I have just received three floppies from Pretoria
Each seems to have hundreds of items numbered which I take to mean each is a
separate archive document.
The page "How to access Stairs data on the diskette" has me tearing out my
They say; for MSword
1. Insert diskette (ok done that)
2.Switch to Windows Explorer (ok done that)
Here's the problem
3 Rename the document (use the convention of the programme you are using eg
.doc for MSWord
eg ctvsplf831 rename to grobler.001
4. I have presumed that the grobler is an eg and not what I must use as a
Because when I go to file then rename I have filled in one of my names and
then when I switch to MSWord there is no such thingy name there.
GOK what I am doing wrong. It has to be me.

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