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From: keith meintjes <>
Subject: Re: [Re: History revisted]
Date: 19 Nov 00 04:28:15 MST

"I spent three years at the Witwatersrand University and during all that time
I learned nothing that can ever be of the slightest use to me - unless I wish
to qualify for the job of university lecturer, with ultimate prospects of
becoming a professor. But I have no ambitions in that direction. I would
sooner go on the bum in an honest way than to draw a big salary for loafing
about in a room for a couple hours a day talking tripe."

Herman Charles Bosman (1931), quoted in "Arena", July 2000.

Best wishes
Keith Meintjes
B.Sc.(Eng.) (1968), M.Sc. (1976)


"Doug & Pat Frykberg" <> wrote:
So many sane ideas coming out of this discussion.
I look back in astonishment at my arrogance during my first year at Wits.
We were asked if we would teach history at a night school held for the black
employees at the university.
I am sitting here now almost dying in shame and embarrassment. And yes the
syllabus we were to teach was Vasco da Gama, Bartholomew Dias and the
'discovery of the Africa'
I am sure that nothing that so far has been said about history in schools
and history teachers would equal what those young men and women must have
said about me and the 'discovery' of Africa!
The best of those evenings was the assembly at the end when those wonderful
voices sang sikonyella africa (I am sure that isn't the right spelling but
put me right someone)
Nothing since has sounded so well.

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