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From: Keith Meintjes <>
Subject: Re: [Translation, please?]
Date: 13 Jun 2001 16:50:02 EDT

Of their children I knew
MM married with PL Theron
of Leeuwfontein, Ceres, and all their children.

S married to H Zulch and all their children
Leeuwfontein is likely a farm in the district of Ceres.

The codes are a genealogy numbering system widely used in South Africa.
a is the progenitor (stamvader), usually not born in South Africa.
b1, b2, b3, ... are his children.
Each of their children are c1, c2, c3 ...

So b2 c2 d4 is the fourth child in a fourth-generation family. His / her
father was a second child, as was his / her grandfather.

By the way, one of the "blurbs" that comes at the end of each list messsage
will direct you to translation resources on Conrod Mercer's web site.

Best wishes


"Claude Weatherwax" <> wrote:
Could kind person, please provide a 'general' translation of the
following? I am also curious as to the 'codes' in parenthesis. Off-line
is fine. Thank you, ...claude
"Van hul kinders het ek geken:
c2d4e16f2 Maria Magdalena getroud met Petrus Lodewikus Theron
van Leeufontein, Ceres, en al hul kinders.

f4 Susanna getroud met Hermanus Zulch en al hul kinders. "

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