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From: Keith Meintjes <>
Subject: Re: [Maree ancestry]
Date: 16 Jun 2001 16:38:30 EDT

The books I have on the Maree family are incomplete, and do not give Michiel
David Maree as a child of these parents. Anyway, from SA Genealogies 5:

Ignace Mare xx 7.2.1706 Susanna van Vuuren.
b2 Johannes = 24.9.1708 + 1761 x Sara Delport
c4 Johannes = 3.4.1781 x 15.5.1763 Gesina van der Westhuizen
d3 Johannes Petrus = 18.9.1768 + 6.8.1845 x 17.4.1791 Anna Elsabe Malan

Then there are two children, born in 1792 and 1794. de Villiers / Pama lists
three more children, born in 1796, 1797, and 1799.

There are these articles in "Familia":

Bleibaum, H.G.: Wenk in verband met die Mare&#8209;navorsing. Familia vol. 21,
no. 2, 1984, p. 52&#8209;54.

Jooste, E.P.: Die naspeur van genealogiese gegewens oor Dietlof Siegfried
Mare, landdros in die Z. A. R. Familia vol. 18, no. 4, 1981, p. 87&#8209;90.

Lombard, R.T.J.: Kwartierstaat van die broers Frederik Korsten en Dietlof
Siegfried Mar. Familia vol. 27, no. 3, 1990, p. 71-73.

Best wishes
"Vincent" <> wrote:
Dear Members,
Can anyone help me with the ancestors of Michiel David Maree, Born 7 Feb 1820,
died 25 Feb 1902. He was the son of Johannes Petrus Maree and Anna Elsabe
Vincent Daniel

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