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From: Keith Meintjes <>
Subject: Re: [MARNEWECK, Joh, Conrad from Grunberg]
Date: 23 Jun 2001 00:05:25 EDT

Hoge (Personalia of the Germans ...) lists two men of the same name - Johann
Conrad Marneweck, both were soldiers, from Grunberg in Hesse.

The first arrived 1752, x Magdalena Combrink. Also known as MANNEWIECK and

The second arrived in 1774, x Engela Elisabeth Otto. He was the son of Johann
Melchior M. and Anna Margaretha Schmidt.

Maybe this helps?


Don McArthur <> wrote:
According to H&L Vol V the MARNEWECKs were from Grunberg, Hesse./ I have
just received the relevant film, there were no baptisms or marriages of any
MARNEWECKs in the relevant time period.

Anybody got any ideas. I presume they were from some smaller town or
village close by.


Don McArthur.

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