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Subject: Re: Michaelhouse School 1895 - 1910
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 11:26:30 +0200
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Further to Mark Hugh Walters' recent posting about Michaelhouse,
the School was in fact opened in 1896 (on 5th August) (not 1895)
in Loop Street Pietermaritzburg. Five years after it was
founded, the school was moved to Balgowan (area near Nottingham
Road in the Natal Midlands). James Cameron Todd, Founder and
first Rector of Michaelhouse, was followed by E B (Canon Edward
Bertram) Hugh-Jones who came out from England in1903 and remained
Rector until 1910. (So you will perceive that there are
highlights here which explain the confusion re a "Hugh Balgowan"
mentioned in your posting, Mark.)

There is a great deal of material available about Michaelhouse
during the period 1896-1910 (and after, of course). The
'Chronicle', a regular school publication of which copies have
been preserved, contains much information, lists of teams etc;
Michaelhouse Archives also has a wealth of photographs, some of
which have appeared in the three books which have been written
about the school It is possible that the people you mention
appear in some of the group pictures. Do you know the exact
years during which the Walters boys attended the school? And do
you know which house they were in? Regular annual photographs
were taken of all members of each house.

I see in one of these three volumes, "Michaelhouse 1896-1968" by
A M Barrett published by Michaelhouse Old Boys Club 1969 on page
214 under "Roll of Honour for 1914-18", a HERBERT WALTERS is
listed. If this is the individual you are looking for (no middle
name given) he will also appear on the Roll of Honour outside the
Memorial Hall at the school. You will probably know whether your
Herbert died during World War I or not. In any case it should be
possible to establish from the Chronicle which Walters this was.

There are some remarkable photographs taken of the school in its
early days, one of the most amazing of which hangs on my wall at
home : showing the first buildings (no chapel yet) standing
alone on bare veldt in 1902 (hardly a tree in sight). James
Cameron Todd must have been something of a visionary to have
chosen that spot - completely unrecognisable as the same place

You can see photographs of Michaelhouse and read more about it

Personal note: My husband's father (yes, father not grandfather!)
attended Michaelhouse from 1902 (the date of that picture) to
1904 and the family have been associated with the school in
various ways since that time.

If I can be of further assistance you are welcome to contact me

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Subject: Michaelhouse School 1895 - 1910

> Dear Fellow Listers
> I was wondering if any of you have any informtion about the
> School, during the period of 1895 to about 1910, I have two
brothers listed
> as attending, one of which is my great- grandfather, they are;
> Edward Frederick WALTERS
> Herbert Aidan WALTERS
> Where there any year books or class phots of the years?
> Also was the headmaster or one of the masters a Hugh BALGOWAN?
> Regards
> Mark Hugh Walters Syd - Aust
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