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From: Keith Meintjes <>
Subject: Re: [NASA records - help please!!]
Date: 8 Jul 2001 06:19:25 EDT

The check boxes allow you to view multiple citations. Experiment with frames
/ no frames also, to see which works best for you. You would use this to
print records or to capture text into your own word processor.

You will need to arrange for someone to go to the archives and access the
documents you are interested in. Usually, the documents cannot be
photocopied, so you will have to make do with a transcript. Some people have
handheld scanners, but I have not seen any results using these.

The "someone" is probably a person who does this for a fee. By the way, "RSA"
is not an archive depot, but a search through all the repositories. The
actual archive will be in the citation. KAB is in Cape Town.

Contact me off-list if you need more help.


"Jan and Bob" <> wrote:
A lister kindly alerted me to the existence of this great website for South
African research and I immediately found two references to letters relating
to my husband's grandfather. (One in the Cape Town Archive (KAB) section one
in the RSA section.
I'm not sure how to use the site (boxes to be ticked etc) to get full use of
it. I wonder whether there's a lister out there who is "au fait" with the
site who could explain to me how, having found 2 relevant document, I go
about actually getting copies.
Perhaps it would be better to reply, to what perhaps is a stupid question,
off list!
Any pointers appreciated. Jan Hill (UK)
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