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From: Heather MacAlister <>
Subject: Re: Re ST Georges Cemetery
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 12:13:25 +0200
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Hi Lister's

I phoned Cemeteries Section at The Regional Services Council - they
thought I was daft !!!
Sorry but no help from them either


Next time try Heather's South African Genealogy Help List
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From: "Ken Louw" <>
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Sent: Friday, July 13, 2001 3:35 AM
Subject: Re ST Georges Cemetery

> I was very interested in reading the following report from Kathy
> O'Reilly regarding her inability to establish what actually happened to
> the original 19th century St Georges Cemetery graves and the
> corresponding records, like that of her Fielding and our Tennant/Loader
> ancestors .
> Can someone PLEASE enlighten us, or refer us to someone who may be able
> to???
> Please help!!!!
> Regards,
> Martina Louw.
> (New Zealand)
> >Hi Martina and interested parties!
> >I also had Irish gr gr gr grandparents (Francis Bernard Fielding and
> "Kate"
> >or Catherine Frances Fielding, born Hamilton) recorded as having been
> buried
> >in the "St. George's Burial Grounds" in February 1850 and February 1852
> >respectively. When I went searching for their graves I discovered that
> the
> >St. George's burial grounds no longer exist and that church officials
> who
> >would have been able to answer my questions are themselves long since
> dead!
> >Part of the original graveyard is now a tarred parking lot behind the
> >Cathedral and the Anglican church offices and a nursery school now
> stand on
> >the remaining portion of the burial grounds. One or two graves are
> built
> >into the ramp at the rear entrance to the cathedral and several
> gravestones
> >and/or memorial stones are displayed in the St. George's Cathedral
> crypt
> >(now a church bookshop) and in the passages of the St. George's
> Anglican
> >Nursery School behind the cathedral. (I suspect that the South African
> >Library also occupies part of the original burial grounds). Enquiries
> >revealed that the remains buried at the St. George's Burial Grounds
> were
> >first reinterred at the Old Somerset Road Cemetery (although I couldn't
> find
> >the Fielding names recorded under the Somerset Road Cemetery records)
> before
> >its contents, too, were transferred to the (Woltemade)Maitland
> Cemetery.
> >Despite several enquiries at the Regional Services Cemeteries
> Department in
> >Wale Street and several calls to the Maitland Cemetery, I still am none
> the
> >wiser. Apparently the occupants of the St. George's Burial Grounds
> could be
> >buried in a mass grave at Maitland Cemetery and their headstones
> displayed
> >somewhere in the vast expanse of the the Maitland Cemetery! If anyone
> can
> >solve this mystery, please help!
> >Regards,.
> >Kathy
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