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From: "Bill Wilson" <>
Subject: Re: The Archives
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 12:03:28 -0400
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Hi Hugo,

When I visited the Cape Archives last March in person I had four,
multi-paged, "not to be copied" documents. I asked how they could help and
the kind lady offered to have them copied and I could pick them up a week
When I explained that I was from overseas, she offered to have them
photographed in black & white and send me the negatives, at a reasonable
price plus postage, paid in advance - which we did. I received the negs
about 5/6-weeks later. I thought they were most considerate & helpful. [of
coarse, I approached them with all the relative files in my arms, with my
documents ear-marked with a slip of paper]

It is possible that the rules have changed or maybe it was just my lucky

Bill Wilson ~ Canada

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Subject: Re: The Archives

> Having got to he Archives in Cape Town armed with my references for some
Death Notices .... I now have MORE questions. When I asked if I could get
copies the answer is "NO". I was told that they could not be photocopied ...
but if I had a scanner I could scan!
> Is this the case?
> Why scan but not photocopy?
> Does this only apply to some records ?
> Is there a way to get copies of these records ?
> Could someone help with the last question specifically?
> Best wishes
> Hugo

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