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Hallo Hugo

The answers to your questions:

> Having got to he Archives in Cape Town armed with my references for some
Death Notices .... I now have MORE questions. When I asked if I could get
copies the answer is "NO". I was told that they could not be photocopied ...
but if I had a scanner I could scan!
> Is this the case?


> Why scan but not photocopy?

I have been told that it is the physical manipulation of the files that
cause damage - Archives prefer hand held scanners or digital cameras.

> Does this only apply to some records ?

In Pretoria it applies particularly to Estate Files prior to 1950 - I
suspect that the reason for 1950 is because all the records prior to 1950
have been copied by the LDS and are available at the LDS Libraries.

> Is there a way to get copies of these records ?

'Phone Carol Dollar at the LDS in Centurion - or send a fax. She will print
copies of the Microfilms. They have an almost complete record of all the
D/N's for all Archive Repositories up to 1950. The cost is R 2.50 per print.
It normally takes about two weeks for them to print and post the copies.
Some of the prints are not very good but it is better than no copy at all.

If you have access to an LDS Library you can look up a film reference number
for each D/N, which makes it easier for them to find the film and to
provide the copy.


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