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From: "Bernie Cramer" <>
Subject: Re: new branches to my family tree - BRADLEY/DURRANT
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 01:05:44 +0200
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Hello Janis and fellow Listers,
The Byrne Party, did they settle in Botha's hill
area or did they settle in the midlands in York? I seem to remember a
web site about the Byrne Party settling in York, on the way to
Greytown, there was a map of York with the streets laid out in a neat
grid pattern etc. Well last week, Thursday on my way back from
Greytown, I took the road to YORK, 11km's from the main road, well
what a great surprise, there is no YORK!!, only an old church building
with about 100 graves around it, a mud adobe house about to fall down
and pine and gum trees every where. had I had a digital camera with, I
would have photographed all the head stones, these would be a great
source of genealogical information, I don't know if these graves have
been cataloged or recorded on any cemetery lists or other.I'm thinking
of going back there for a good look about and maybe do some
transcripts from head stones. I'm very interested in finding out about
why YORK faded away, as I've been told that it was a popular stopping
place on the way to Greytown in the late 1800's , You all have a good
Regards, Bernie,

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Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2001 5:33 PM
Subject: new branches to my family tree - BRADLEY/DURRANT

> I've just discovered that John William HARRIS ( b c1816)sailed with
Rachel BRADLEY ( b c1817 - cJan 1897) from Liverpool to South Africa
on the Justina Nov 1850 (Byrne settlers period).
> JW HARRIS, was a seed merchant later on in South Africa, bring in
seeds from England. If anyone could direct me to finding further
information on this I would be very grateful.
> I also have a Emily Genge DURRANT ( b 11/1860 England - 4/5/1930
Durban, SA) who married a son of John William HARRIS, William Henry
HARRIS (b c 1858 Durban, SA - 29/6/1918 Durban, SA) in Durban, SA
> If anyone as a connection to BRADLEY , DURRANT and or HARRIS,
please... let me know.
> Thank you
> Janis Currie
> South Africa
Pietermaritzburg/Durban, England
> FAGAN/LAZARUS - South Africa + England, Liverpool, London,
Middlesex, Bolton
> KELLY/BRAY - mainly Ireland, Laois
> CLIFF/BOSWORTH/SPENCER/DAVIS - England, Derby, Grangewood, Church
> CURRIE/BOOTH/McINNES/MATHER - South Africa + England + Scotland,
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