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From: "Joanne Pritchard" <>
Subject: Re: Zimbabwe information
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 07:12:34 +0200

Hi there Madeline and Andrew

I live in Mutare, Zimbabwe. It is still a little town in the valley and
(yes) we still know nearly everyone! :-)

Madeline - I re-subscribed to the List a day or so ago and haven't got your
original e-mail regarding Mary Laura Chapman. Was she American or English?
You say she first went England and then on to the States when she left here.
I ask this advisedly, as there are 3 large Missions in the Mutare area :
Hartzell (Methodist-American); St Augustines (Anglican or Church of
England - British) and; St Joseph's - (Roman Catholic - Irish and German).

If you like, I could phone them and find out if they have records going back
to the 20's and if your aunt's been mentioned.

Kind regards
Jo-anne Pritchard

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From: Andrew Rodger <>
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Date: Tuesday, 17 July, 2001 12:36 AM
Subject: Re: Zimbabwe information

>Madeline E. Black (nee Chapman) writes:
>>My aunt, Mary Laura (Chapman) was a nurse and missionary in what was then
>>Umtali. She came to Africa ca.1929, she left with my cousin in
>>November/December of either 1947 or 1948. She left through Cape Town to
>>England then onto NYC, USA.
>I lived in the then Umtali (now Mutare) at that time, and I can tell you
>that in a time of massive white immigration almost entirely from the UK an
>American accent would have been most noticeable in the town and there would
>have been talk of it. As my father was the Presbyterian Minister in the
>town I would probably have heard such talk. I wasa then ten to eleven
>years old and had never heard an American accent "live", only in the
>cinema! I also do not recall the name Chapman; there was a Chapman in the
>next place I lived (Fort Hare, in the Eastern Cape), but he was certainly
>not American.
>A missionary, unless of the Mormon or similar persuasion, would almost
>certainly have lived out of town. (Umtali was a town with some 2000
>European inhabitants when I arrived there at the end of 1945 and had grown
>to about 8000 by the end of 1949.) There were a number of mission stations
>in the district. You might be able to find out more from the Zimbabwe
>Council of Churches, and their address should be available on the website
>of the World Council of Churches.
>Andrew in Australia
>Andrew Rodger ---
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